Com Scribble Jr the 3rd, A.K.A. Easyscribble, is a grey gabnit and a leader of a rebelion in Everworld against Baron Hardscrabble that is the grandson of Com Scribble the 1st, and son of Com Scribble the 2nd, who is deemed a traitor for marrying a comprete and being with Hardscrabble. The Grandfather took Com Jr. and raised him under his idealogy under his concept of "Farmuisum", a concept he claimed existed before his "Discovery" that has always been a proven success before the rise of capitalisum and then corpreisum and the advent of big businesses and other off-shoot economic sytiles like Communisum. Com the first always believed that all socity needs to relie on are farms, who he deemed incorruptable and pure, being he was a surviver of the Exo Wars and was exsiled from Warboth. Cause of being with his grandfather and following a clearly flawwed throey about the true relieability of a farm-relient socity, Easyscribble went on to be a rebelion leader of the Scrabble Crushers that tried to take down the Baron's grip on the world who the Baron went and saved the businesses that were going backrupt thanks to Com the First' meddling to begin with. Com the First lived long enough to see his grandson go mad and insane, realising that he had tainted his own grandson and died from a broken heart, of which the deluded Easyscribble refused to accept and still sees his grandfather as a still living thing, even when the body became a corpse, making Easyscribble the true definition of insanity emboddied in an AUU rabbit. Fortunately, his newfound insanity has kinda made him unfocused and inconsisent, so he was never a serious threat to Hardscrabble or his business. In fact, Hardscrabble doesn't even realise he HAS  a rebelion problem to begin with, not because The Scrabble Crushers were good at being secret as they made their presence very well known, but because Hardscrabble doesn't have a very good grip of reality himself, something that only plays in further making Easyscribble more insane. And one of these days, it's gonna reach a boiling point. He has been damaged, to the point of having to wear a hearing anntenna and a cyborg mask to cover disfigurement, and having to replace his hand with a freaking pitchfork.
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