Ebon Ha Ken
Vital statistics
Title Sir Shugyu, Disney Big Hero 6 Ebon Samurai
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Part of Team Junsei
Description Wise, Honorable, Noble, Enlightened
Skills and Abilities 7.2ft Lightsaber-Like Katana, Ambidextrous, Agility, Master Spy and Trainer, Acrobatic Excellence, Scientific Genius, Armored Lightweight Robe, Armor Plates Made From Mythril, Knowledgeable in All Japanese Martial Arts
Status Alive
Location San Fransokyo
Alignment Good

Ebon Ha Ken, AKA Sir Shugyu, is a human from the world of San Fransokyo. Loosely based on Ebon Samurai of the original Big Hero 6 comics, Ebon is a technologically-enhanced samurai with not only stealth and martial arts training, is a master of teaching shugyu, and possesses a 7.2ft lightsaber-like katana similar to Sephiroth's Masamune, which he can also wield with one arm, capable of using plasma to slice through partially anything. The katana can only be wielded by him because it's programmed to only respond to his DNA.

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