Eddie Skinrash Fishlips
Ed Fishlips
Vital statistics
Title Ed Fishlips, Fishlips
Gender Male
Race/Species Great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)
Faction Independent Gang Leader
Description Common Gangster Persona, Speech Impediment, Cranky, Easily-Aggravated, Blood-Hungry
Skills and Abilities Natural Barracuda Abilities, Henchmen Including A Brutal Shark
Status Imprisoned
Location Destiny Islands Seas (Homeworld)

Davy Jones Penitentiary (Imprisonment Residence)

Alignment Morally Debatable

Eddie S. Fishlips is a Great barracuda from the seas of Destiny Islands who is a gang leader that have been killing and eating victims that stumble in their shipwreck homes. He had two barracuda assistants, Tommy Skalegun and Teddy the Fish, and originally had a bull shark bodyguard named Bruno, and a few other gang members until they were lost. He had once bullied Princess Marenia Typhoonica and Fluttershy, and had paid the price for it. He and his associates eventually went to Davy Jones' Penitentiary. Ed has a habit of going 'myah, see' while talking, yet is a blood-hungry criminal.


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