Ed the Otter
Ed Otter 300
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Wisker's best friend, Rubbery Half-wit, untabbed knowledge, Member of the Shell Louge Squad.
Gender Male.
Race/Species River Otter.
Faction Shell Louge Squad.
Description "I do believe I am quite healthy in otter standerds."
Skills and Abilities Otter abilities, hidden smarts, slipperiness.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Amazon Rainforest (Home).

Alignment Good.

Ed is a river otter who is quite dull in his personality and his ability to speak, though he is often a tome of knowledge in the Amazon; he knows quite a lot about many different things. He is happy to help out Mr. Whiskers whenever he needs his assistance, and he is one of the few people who can actually tolerate Mr. Whiskers' behavior for prolonged periods of time, and agreed to travel with him outside his amazon homeland. the reason: Why not? there's always new places to see.

newfound role in the spongebob siries.

Sam and Max, along with the disney inspired versons of them, Brandy and Mr. Wiskers, and Lola boa and Ed the otter, first appeared when Max opened the plane cockpit door when he thought it was the bathroom, and ended cause them to fall out. and max blames that it looks identical. they briefly was gonna have a soft landing, only to be interupted when they came across smoke coming from the mactmaker, causing Max to sneese, which later lead them to crash on Melman, and then encountered the shell louge squad. after helping Spongebob fight the villain leage, they went of to find atlantis. apawn such, they befriended Batty koda, the digidesten and their digimon, and Miguel and Tuilo. when they were needed again to come to the defence of camelot in Spongebob and Friends go on the quest for camelot, where after such, they joined the shell louge squad, and even invited them to find atlantis, which they did in Spongebob and Friends find atlantis. he's like a logitgal brother to the louge.

intended spin-off siries.

Sam and Max, along With Brandy and Wiskers, (Brandy being the intended main character) along with Lola Boa and Ed the otter, was gonna star in their own spin-off siries, but was canned when Scroopfan needed replacement moisodes for the Spongebob siries, since it was the main focusing siries, Atlantis intened to be the first, the great mouse dectecive the second, and cat's don't dance the 3rd, which ended being contvered into Spongebob and Friends siries moisodes.

other roles outside the spongebob and friends series.

Sam, Max, Brandy, and Mr. Whiskers also joined with Dave Felis and his group code-named Team C.A.T. (Cartoon Animal Taskforce), with a similar story to the Spongebob and Friends series but with a change. After escaping the rainforest, they went though a portal and ended up in the dave felis universe. it's also reveled in that siries that they, along with brandy and mr wiskers, that they are digimon hybrids powered by the Mugen crystals. no such powers have been shown in the Spongebob and Friends siries. and Sam and Max also joined with Jacob NightFury and his friends in Team Adventure, however, Brandy and Mr wiskers is not involed in the Jacob nightfury siries. it has been shown that Lola Boa and Ed the Otter are not seen with Brandy and Mr. Wiskers in the Dave felis siries. But Ed and Lola were mentioned by Ryo since he knows of the two and of them being in an adventure team of Spongebob through the help of "their resumes"

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