Eda Clawthorne the Owl Lady is the deuteragonist of The Owl House. She is a rebellious witch, the proclaimed 'most powerful witch of the Boiling Isles', with a bounty on her head rewarding one billion dollars for her capture. At some point, she befriends a human girl named Luz who accidentally stumbles upon the Demon Realm through her magic door, and after Luz feels she doesn't belong on Earth, she decides to stay with Eda, asking to help her learn witchcraft in exchange for doing anything she wants. Thus, Eda becomes her mentor. She also suffers a curse that turns her into an owl monster which is held back by orange potion, and has a sister named Lilith who works for Emperor Bellows. She is voiced by Wendie Malick (Chicha in The Emperor's New Groove franchise and Fenghuang).

Role in the series

Eda is expected to play a role in the Outer God Arc as the Demon Realm is the byproduct of Azathoth, the dark ruler of the Mischievers, to act as a spawning world for evils equal to Darkspawn during the First Cartoonian War but went awry when they broke away of their own independence. Tom Lucitor had even attended classes in magic here for a period of time. She is revealed to be a sucubus, or a female demon who, in lore, has sexual intercourse with sleeping men. In Eda's case, she is cursed with having so many people falling in love with her, which is why she has many ex-boyfriends, and it's revealed that her parents used to fight against the Mischiever Tsathoggua and they gave her a Lovecraftium coin, a weapon that can be used to fight against Outer Gods, and thus is Luz, Eda, and King's most important weapon against Outer Gods until Luz finally obtains a Lovecraftium sword after fighting against Devilin McJersey.


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