Edgar the butler

Edgar the Butler

Edgar is, at first, a stabbed-into-darkness member of the Villain League, then becomes a member of Team Nefarious once he is abandoned. He is also the main villain from the Aristocats.


Edgar is portrayed as a polite and sophisticated butler, yet underneath his exterior belies a scheming, greedy man.

The Aristocats[2]Edit

Edgar starts off as Madame Adelaide's faithful butler, yet upon overhearing that she plans to leave her entire estate and fortune to her cats and then to Edgar himself after they die, he begins scheming to get rid of them, erroneously calculating that by the time the cats pass away, he will already have died of old age (unaware that he, of course, will be kept in charge of the fortune). He mixes sleeping pills with the cats' dinner that night, and attempts to throw them into a river out of the city, but is foiled by two farm dogs, Napoleon and Lafayette. Desperate to escape alive, Edgar is forced to leave his umbrella, hat, basket and sidecar behind at the farm, but later returns to the farm to retrieve them after the police begin investigating the cats' kidnapping. After another fight with Napoleon and Lafayette, who had made beds out of the stuff, Edgar escapes with his things, thereby eliminating all evidence of his crimes.

However, when the cats return home with help from an alley cat, Thomas O'Malley, Edgar traps them again and plans to send them to Timbuktu to ensure they will never return. Thomas and his alley cat friends intervene and engage Edgar in a brutal battle which culminates in Edgar ending up stuck in the trunk himself and sent to Timbuktu. Adelaide apparently never learns of Edgar's treachery, believing that he simply left on his own accord, and so she excludes him from her will (a possible implication that she had decided to split the fortune between the cats and Edgar, which Edgar never found out).

Role in the series

Edgar was recruited into the Villain League by Dr. Facilier or Mirage stabbing him in the heart with a dark keyblade. He quickly proves to be an incompetent member of the team, and is quickly booted out once his scheme fails.

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