Edgewall Guard

An Edgewall Guard.

Edgewall Guards
are Outer Gods that are responsible for guarding the edges of multiverses which are known as Edge Walls. They're basicly multiverseal Bordar Security that exists to protect an assigned multiverse from outer multiversal problems like Verse HiversQuantom Eaters on occation, or outsider Verse Raider Gangs looking for greener pastures in another Multiverse. Though not of Amoral One desend, they're vauled allies for the Intended Outer Gods that're great at keeping devients of other Multiverses from being a problem. They are strict and orderly to the point of nausium and live under highly athoratarian superiors. They have access to portal stargates that send captured devients straight into the Hybernation Realm, held in inescapeable chambers where the captured ones would be doomed to the Hybernation Realm. They are noted for having giant over-sized beaks that're buildt to open portals into the Multiverse in an event of a Devient that manages to get lucky and snuck in somehow, so they would ruthlessly chase after the devient. Edgewall Guards are atherial, meaning that they are basicly untouchable, as any attack, even the strongest one, will phase right through them, as if they are not actselly there, as they just stand be and simply behaive uninterested in the situation before them, taking the time to peak it's feathers and wingpits and asking other guards about their day, even going as far as to have a quick poker game. Cause of it, they litterally just have to wait for their target to tire itself out until it's exhausted of power and rendered helpless, then they will collect and mock the target Abridged Mr. Popo sytile and drag the devient or devients back into the wall. For less serious other-Multiverseal Devients, they simply hold into prisons buildt within the walls and turn occupents to personalised janitors and servents that clean the walls and the inside, and tend to their personal needs like serving drinks when watching a game unfold, catering during Edgewall Guard celebrations, or even holding welcome parties for arriving intended Outer God higher ups to welcome them with sytile. Though Edgewalls are very demanding buttwipes, they're a nessersary evil to keep out Devients from other Multiverseal Oceans.
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