Edison Nester Turbo
Edison Turbo
Vital statistics
Title Eddy Turbo, Evil Half-Twin of Hudson Turbo
Gender Male
Race/Species Black Harrathor (Harpiica blacka)
Faction Independent Evil Mastermind/Initially The Villain League
Description Antisocial Personality Disorder, 'Dark-Twin Syndrome', Conjoined With Hudson At Birth
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Resourcefulness, Cunning Intelligence, Swift and Agile Flier
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Anisimo (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Aphronion System) (Homeworld)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Evil

Edison N. Turbo is an Alternate UUniversal Harrathor from Planet Anisimo. He is the lost, evil half-twin of Hudson Turbo didn't know he had. Turns out, Edison and Hudson were conjointed twins by the backs. Luckly, each had their own seperate organs and didn't needed to relie on eachother, so seperating them had no costly deaths on either side, but the parents were worried Edison may turned out to be evil, cause the doctors warned him he is borned with the "Dark Twin" syndrone, a syndrone that causes a twin, reguardless of being left or right, to be born evil and is currently a mental illness hard to treat even more then sociopathitry, of which he had, along with being a sadist and having the imfamous ASPD, Antisoical personally disorder. But his parents cared for him enough to turned down their offer to put him out of his misery before he becomes a misery to others, but taken an alternate route of placing him in a asylum where he can be safe from being harmful to himself and everyone around him. Eventally, he escaped from the ayslum, and secretly watched and dispised his better twin becoming great and not even knowing who he is. He desides to eventally use Hudson's own love interest in Xandy to get the ultamate payback, even if it means now just joining Not just the villains of the Alternate Universes, but even with the Villain Leage, espeically Queen Chrysalis and Junjie.


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Coming soon...


  • "No I do not love the bride cause my heart is dead inside, but I still, want her to be MINE?!"
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