Edmond Ronald Enigmus
Vital statistics
Title Edmond the Crux, Edmond the Enigma
Gender Male
Race/Species Gelada (Theropithecus gelada)
Faction Independent Enemy of Justice Continuum
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Evil Trickster, Enigmatic Mind, Hard-To-Understand Personality, Unpredictable Even To His Enemies And Allies
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Abilities, Empathy and Telekinesis, Or Often Enough Omnipotent
Status Fictional, Alive
Location Generation Comics Universe
  • Prometheon, Kratos (Hometown)
Alignment Enigmatically Evil
Edmond R. Enigmus the Crux is a fictional Superior gelada published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is an extremely religious person who had been busted by the Justice Continuum for trying to turn all Superiors into omnipotent beings to bring forth 'a new era of evolution'. He was sent to jail for it, and it's not long until The Bureau of Evil gave him omnipotence to allow him to get his revenge. But he actually double-crossed them, and tries to redo his last attempt, only in a much non-lethal way, and that meant making all of Kratos a godly wonderland. Soon, all of Kratos looked like Olympus, and he decided not to make Superiors omnipotent until the time was right. He managed to seduce most of the JC into seeing his ways, and Lance the Karma and Shawna Blackout were the only ones left. He managed to turn Shawna against Lance, and nearly gets Lance to give up. But with the help of Razemaster, he manages to get everyone back to normal, and defeat Edmond, sending him to jail and taking away his omnipotence. He does get his omnipotence back twice, but he loses them each time. Each of those 2 attempts, he turns all of Kratos into the same Olympian wonderland. In fact, he was suspected to return again with aggravation the third time. His second plan was to get the other Generation Comics heroes to turn against each other, and it nearly worked. His third one was enslaving The Bureau of Evil into doing his bidding in exchange for their cover, and this nearly exposed their location. Edmond is a sacred and enlightened villain who has the personality of the Avengers Loki, and taught himself inner peace in his first year of training, and had even gained experience from the JC itself. He reacts violently to use of religious background in vain, and will do anything he can to get his way. He is still out there and ready to strike again. When he is not omnipotent, his powers include empathy and telekinesis.
  • MCode: EpTk or ∞∞∞


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