Edward Benny Koda
Edward Koda
Vital statistics
Title Eddy Koda, Nephew of Batty Koda and Fidget
Gender Male
Race/Species Spectacled flying fox (Pteropus conspicillatus)
Faction Blot's Crew (Formerly)
Description Currently Deceased, Clumsy, Lost Thumb
Skills and Abilities Natural Bat Abilities, Little To Nothing Special
Status Currently Deceased
Location Ferngully (Homeworld)
Alignment Antihero

Edward B. Koda is a spectacled flying fox bat and a member of Captain Blot's Crew. He is Blot's Cabin Boy and has no memory that two of the louge's bat members, Batty and Fidget are his long lost uncles and Captain Blot took him in when his parents where killed by a hunter. He lost his thumb during a shark attack but Blot gave him a 3 fingered hook which Edward uses while looting and pludering with his crewmates. His change to meet his uncles will never come, nor will it be even remotely realised because he was killed in the explowsion escape..... or at least until Undoing the Viper's Grip, where he might get his chance after all.


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