Edwyn Royce Stonewell
Vital statistics
Title Sir Stonewell, Professor Stonewell, AUU Edmund Rockwell (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Mutated Chredder
Faction Independent Chemist
Description Overambitious, Stubborn, Envious, Obsessive, Genetically Maddened by Enhancelement
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Poisonous Tentacles, Scientific Intelligence, Regenerative Abilities, Reactive Adaptation
Status Imprisoned in Scyrian Subterranean Sarcophagus
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Greatstone City, Scyria (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Angthrom System) (Hometown)
Alignment Overambitious Evil
Sir Edwyn R. Stonewell is an Alternate UUniversal mutated Chredder from Planet Scyria. He used to be a self-loving chemist described as a 'stupendous scholar, gallant gentleman, and explorer extraordinaire'. His studies on the history and artifacts of Scyria regarding the technology of the Scyrians gave him allies that formed a manor and tribes began to form of his intelligence, forming an alliance with the conqueror Nervay to understand a new element called 'enhancelement', dubbed by him as 'stonewellium'. With a competition with a woman his equal named Heili Runner, and the pestering of a creature-taming warrior named Meya Liu, he retreated when Meya killed Nervay at the cost of her own beast army. He and Heili, who was unaware of his alliance with Nervay, are directed to the radioactive Lapse Wastes by an Invervitraxian scorched desert sky warrior Rav, where they meet Dinia Altories and Santrago An Sanct, and he discovers massive amounts of enhancelement. His obsession with the element drives him to jealousy for Heili, and he ends up thinking Dinia is trying to steal his work, especially since he loses access to animal test subjects when he injects enhancelement into one of Meya's most valued animals. With nothing else to test the element on, he resorts to injecting it into himself, slowly transforming him into a tentacled monstrosity and driving him into the same genetic madness that overtook the Scyrians. He takes over the base of operations and nearly kills Dinia out of jealousy. Heili, Meya, and an enraged Santrago manage to defeat him, at the cost of Meya's new animal army and the near-death of Santrago. Though the crew leave for Ar Cretacion, the dormant former capital of Scyria, Stonewell regenerates and adapts rapidly into a worse monster and discovers that Dinia has been healed by her five students Busty, Milidia, Joris, Qendru, and Grants, who sacrifice themselves imprisoning him in an underground sarcophagus to allow Dinia time to escape, getting dragged down along with him and becoming his infected tentacle disciples. He has been trapped down here ever since, but gets released as a last resort by the Tiikon mad scientist and bioweapons expert Dr. Sayus Mayus Dayus, as his time in a pool of endless enhancelement has turned him into a far worse and much colossal monstrosity than he ever was before, with comparable power and size to the Titos Rex, while his new form before then was something too horrifying to even think about. He is the AUU version of Ark: Survival Evolved Edmund Rockwell.


Edwyn Stonewell

Before Ascension

Edwyn was born as the son of rich entrepreneur scientists who sold any scientific technology they built for massive profit, seeing it as the only worth in science since the AUU was already teaming with it. Edwyn saw one thing worthy of the biggest profit: the secrets of the Scyrians, as he admired the work of those who studied the long-lost race. He believed that if he found these secrets and introduced them, it would make him rich. He even withheld this research from his parents out of fear they'll steal his goal. However, they found out quickly and Edwyn was left with no other choice but to drug them with cryonol, a stasis drug, which put them in a 10-year sleep before they could capitalize on it. Making the drugging look like an accident, Edwyn had them sent to the infirmary while he ran away from home to pursue his goal of finding the secrets of the Scyrians. When the two woke up in 10 years, they were distraught that their son already capitalized the idea.

For 30 years, Edwyn had been researching the technology of the Scyrians. Soon, his research directed him to Animosity Island, an uncharted island with an invisible force field around it. He discovered the wildlife and sentient animal inhabitants, and became fixated on the obelisks and force field surrounding the island, which unlike the obelisks of his hometown, weren't Tiikon in origin, but pure Scyrian engineering. Studying the wildlife, he concocts new ideas, drugs, medicine, recipes, and blueprints for the inhabitants. He set up his residence in a large manor dubbed Stonewell Manor. There he conducted his experiments while also studying the obelisks and the technological artifacts on the island. Later, he meets the island's dictator Nervay, and agrees with his ideals on refurbishing the world upon his release, siding with his cause. Thus in exchange for his donations of forces and resources, he'd be his counsel. He bargains with other tribes to help collect the artifacts and they comply. This allowed Nervay to collect two of the Guardian Temple keys and all of the artifacts on the island. All the while, he also meets Heili Runner, recognizing her as the daughter of Johnna Runner, a deceased scientist explorer studying the Scyrians. The two found a partnership as equals as Heili thought of him like a father figure, but he soon grew jealous of her for progressing far faster than him and using the technology for other goals than his, seeing her too dangerous.

Before Edwyn and Nervay could obtain the final key, Meya cuts the last obelisk from them with help of the Dyesharks. Angered, Nervay got Meya exiled from the Dyesharks. But as Edwyn warned, Heili then comes and blocks any easy access to the obelisk. Determined to help Nervay, Edwyn joins Heili and Meya to get to the obelisk while setting up an ambush from the Nervay legion. Upon retrieving the final key, the ambush is successful as Heili is imprisoned and Meya is almost killed. But then he disappears the day the exit portal in a volcano was opened for escape by Nervay. Edwyn had already used the artifacts to travel to Scorchar Desert, a desert located in the center of a giant impact crater and the next location for his research, leaving Nervay to perish and Heili and Meya to be separated.

Upon entering the desert through the control room of the portal, Edwyn discovers a new kind of substance that brews with adaptive energy and just touching it made him feel a million years evolved. Determined to find more, he enters the outside to Scorchar Desert and comes across a town called Prophecy Black that reveres the three obelisks that line the humongous crater that the Scorchar Desert is noted for, having a religion on it. He poses as a doctor and steals the artifacts for the obelisks. He goes to the furthest one to throw them off his trail, but he is captured by the barbaric Hun-like Burners. To get to their leader, Tempus, he treats the wounded. The leader forces him to help deliver his wife's child. He succeeds and he tells them about the obelisks' power. They defeat it's guardian, the Mantilovia, a synapsid lion rare on most worlds, with help from the stolen artifacts and he finds and collects hundreds of samples of the metal. He poisons all the Burners and escapes with the metal. Thus he continues surviving until he reunites with Heili, who meets him while riding on a Dracthosaur. As she brings him to the mountain house of Rav, he realizes to his relief that she has no knowledge of his betrayal back on Animosity Island and has no interest in the samples of the metal he obtained, concerned only with the artifacts. Using this to his advantage, he slowly plays her and even tries to avoid her new pet Scanny, a very analytic jerboa-like rodent that pays too much attention to him. When the three catch up and share how much they know about the Scyrian obelisks, Rav insists that getting involved with them is potentially dangerous since building her own village underneath the one floating in the center of the crater got it destroyed. She doesn't even trust Stonewell because of his obsession with the artifacts and the metal, and even his pompous self-loving attitude. Reminded too much of Meya, he insists that once they leave, they'll never have to rope Rav into the obelisks again, convincing her to help them teleport to the area of Scyria with the highest concentration of the metal he dubbed 'stonewellium'.

They use the artifacts to find the Mantilovia guardian of the key to the teleportation beacon and the mother of the one he slain before. Seeing what the stonewellium did to it, he steals large amounts of the metal after the group defeats it, not realizing that the beast was trained to smell and protect the metal from mortal hands. It follows them to the desert and it destroys much of it to find them. Rav learns that the metal is why it followed them, and Edwyn knows that it also wants to kill him for killing it's offspring. He refuses to give up the metal he worked so hard to obtain, seeing it's potential after what it did to the Mantilovia. Rav is thus forced to take it from him and return it. Despite this, the Mantilovia still attempts to kill them because something had ordered it to do so. Fortunately they were rescued by Johno Coopher, an underground Mephean hermit gunslinger and Rav's boyfriend who was thought to be dead, unleashing Dracthosaurs and giant Rock Monsters onto the Mantilovia, killing it. Thus they succeed and Rav continues on with her life with Johno by her side, swearing to protect the desert from the dangers of the Scyrian technology while Heili and Edwyn go to a specified location Johno says they'll find what they're looking for. But Rav is angry at Edwyn for almost getting them all and once again warns Heili to be careful who she trusts before they leave.

Their journey brought them to Lapse Wastes. They discover that this land has no ozone layer and is thus highly radioactive. The two retreat underground into the Lapse Caves where they discover it's wildlife is mostly bioluminescent. Edwyn theorizes that this bioluminescence is because of the rich amounts of stonewellium brewing within the deepest recesses of the caves, and refuses to answer Heili's questions on why he cares so much about the metal. He even discovers that the metal might be artificial because of it's artificial properties. Later on they get attacked by bat-like monsters that are in countless numbers before being rescued by Meya in a tech suit. While Heili is overjoyed to see her again, Edwyn is no more happy to see her, still despising the two for threatening his pursuits. She brings the two to a station where Edwyn discovers more about the stonewellium and that not only is it indeed the cause of the wildlife's bioluminescence, which is called 'glowcharge', but it is indeed artificial, being created by the Scyrians as a form of solidified and molecularly refined DNA-metal alloy and a perfect renewable fuel source. It is what makes up all their machines, but the head of the station, Dinia, says that it's also too dangerous for extensive research because a childhood bully of hers became a monster because of it, albeit an intelligent one. After seeing the monster bully firsthand, he was astonished by it's remnant sentient intelligent and even the fact that it took a liking to him. This made the bully monster a secret weapon for Stonewell for a short time until Meya slain it in a merciful death.

Edwyn convinces Dinia to be put on research for the enhancelement he has been calling 'stonewellium' so he could secretly begin his quest to capitalize on Scyrian technology, and despite their skepticism, they do so, and while all the other scientists talk down to him, he believes his knowledge will surpass theirs. But his progress is slow and blames it on the 'archaic' tools around him, upgrading it himself and even creating new devices including glowcharge pillars all over the Lapse Caves for defense against the Eerioses, the bat-like monsters they encountered before that are weak to light, glowchargers and glowcharge lanterns, as well as more advanced weapons, saddles for the mounts supplied by Meya, and much more, even learning how to convert glowcharge into electricity through 'glower panels', earning everyone's trust more except for Meya, who finds his behavior and obsession with enhancelement suspicious. He hears about the Escape Project the station is the most crucially focused on to escape, but doesn't really care much saying that he would've finished it months ago if he was in charge, and wonders why anyone would want to leave a place of potential like this. He begins to isolate himself in his lab for more progress, being there almost his entire time.

After collecting boundless amounts of liquid enhancelement from the radioactive Enhancelement Caves after overhearing more potential uses from Dinia and the higher scientists about how the enhancelement could, in some purified serum, could evolve any being by a million years, as they theorize it's how the Scyrians were a resilient and adaptable race and master geneticists. He aims to boost his experiments with this knowledge, but Dinia and the research council cuts the unlimited access of his experiments seeing him as too ambitious for his own good and warn him that exposure to it can be sickening and potentially dangerous. Ignoring their warnings, Edwyn is convinced that Dinia is trying to steal his work because she reported his actions. After distracting the scientists with a genetically engineered flash-bang plant that produces flash-bang buds that use glowcharge, he begins to test liquid enhancelement on animals, including Meya's cergline Sho, turning her into a monster that tries to kill Dinia. After she kills it, and as Meya snaps at him for doing this to her companion, Dinia and the council admonish Edwyn for these dangerous and unethical experiments and cut off his experiments completely by denying him access to animal test subjects.

Enraged by this, Edwyn decrees to himself that a demonstration of the true power of the enhancelement was in order. With no test subjects, he injects the enhancelement into himself, finding it could be reinjected into his bloodstream. Thus he devises a plan for ascension and revenge. He cuts off circulation to his arm and injects it with enhancelement and watches it metamorphose. To not lose his own sanity, he starts slow and tests the results, and injects impressive in slow intervals all while going missing from the station. Eventually, his whole body ascends into what he describes as a 10 million year interval of artificial evolution. He becomes 10x larger, stronger, and smarter, gains a healing factor, adaptive DNA, his senses are increased 20 fold, his durability is heightened, and he becomes a veined giant monstrosity bent on revenge against Heili for outshining him, Meya for interfering with his goals, and Dinia for 'betraying' him. As he returns to the station, on the way there the wildlife and hazards pose as obstacles causing him to heal and reactively adapt to, giving him tentacles, regenerative monster teeth, poisonous back spines and claws, an enhanced immune system, and a blood-curdling roar. He hacks the transmission and curses the name of Heili Runner and that he should've been the one with all the glory, and that he has surrounded the station with enhancelement monsters of his creation. He starts killing and injecting people with enhancelement tentacles turning them into acolytes, and leaves the station under siege, seeking the escaping Heili, Meya, and Dinia, who have gotten in a fallout from blaming each other for Stonewell's change. In time, Stonewell, transformed into a worse monster after weeks, finally kills Dinia, unaware that her five students took her body to be healed.

Fed up with the chaos, Meya decide she to take all the animals of the station and a tech suit to destroy Stonewell once and for all, forbidding Heili's assistance. But she finds this a grave mistake when Stonewell proves to be stronger than she thought, killing or infecting all her creatures quickly and cornering Meya. Heili arrives in a tech suit and the two overpower Stonewell. They push him into a chasm of lava and he almost drags Meya down with him before she was saved by Heili. Later, he revives himself adapting and rapidly mutating into a far worse monster right in the presence of Dinia and her students. He tries to kill them and chases them into a secret Scyrian genetic husbandry lab where they discover they can imprison Stonewell into a containment cell, and the students hold off Stonewell while Dinia traps him inside. Refusing to give up, Stonewell gets a hold of the five students, giving Dinia a choice to either free him or he'll take her students with him. The students urge her to trap him anyway and get trapped with him. Angry beyond belief in his containment whilst Dinia leaves, Stonewell turns the trapped students into his strongest monsters controlled by his own tentacles. He swears to escape his prison and take over the planet. Eventually he meets someone who offers him that chance.

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