Nevo Servon Wyreznik
Vital statistics
Title Egghead, AUU Dr. Eggman (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Bulked Bathypus (Bathypus obesilius)
Faction Independent Criminal Genius Mastermind
Description Cybernetic Right Arm And Eyes, Sadistic Nature, Comical At Times, Dangerous, Rough, Very Skilled In Mechanical Combat
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Semi-Aquatic, Rocket Boots, Cyborg Arm Grants Strength, Cyborg Eyes Grant Enhanced Vision, Menacing Appearance, Enjoys Evil In Professor Ratigan-Like Style
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ooblix (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Oosaron System) (Hometown)
  • Egghead Solar Space City Station (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Oosaron System, Between Three Yellow Dwarf Suns) (Current Mastermind Residence)
Alignment Abides to Villainy
Doctor Nevo S. Wyrzenik, AKA Egghead, is an Alternate UUniversal Bathypus from Planet Ooblix. He is a rogue obese yet strangely-athletic marine monotreme cybernetic scientist who came from a legendary line of scientists who accomplished great things, specifically his grandfather, Doctor Girold Wyrzenik. However, since he was the black sheep of the family, he decided to prove he was a great family member by planning to take over the Oosaron System. He eventually formed the Egghead Empire that has existed since before his membership in the Villains Act, using his unpredictable robotic creations to smash anything that stands in his way, the only interference being a freedom front. He eventually declared himself a member of the Villains Act, and as such, the freedom front evolved into another rebellion against the VA. Even after the VA fall, Egghead still stands as the strong dictator of an oppressive empire vying for control over the Oosaron System. He has been known to conquer each of the 3 planets in the system a couple of times, yet they wouldn't last due to the freedom front's interference. He is like a combination of the Dr. Eggmans of Sonic SatAM and Sonic X, with a dash of other Robotnik incarnations including Jim Carrey Robotnik, but due to the fall of the Villains Act, he's become more like the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Robotnik. He has several assistants including a wormy Oggbill named Ovvly, and he has developed powerful robotic foot soldiers that use kidnapped animals as a fuel source, and lusts for the power of the rare Teadr 1.5 Wisips. However, he is constantly thwarted by an annoyance in the form of five animals given powers by the Wisips called the Platy Heroes: A hedgehog-like echidna named Shield, an inventor fox-like platypus named Pippy, a shelled echidna with power gauntlets named Fists, an armored rodent named Mighter, and a gliding rodent named Streak, among others.


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