Viume Phyarse has been falling into turmoil since he was kicked out of the Bounty Hunter Consortium for being tricked by Sonwar, Sonkil and Edison. Since he had no one left to improve his ego, his career as an independent bounty hunter was difficult because of his wanted level and past. Back at the Consortium, Xrandy has starting feeling sorry for Viume, despite how many times he tried to steal Slala from him in the past. He felt that he was just someone who was conned into doing something bad, like how Xrandy was with the Kilson mess a long time ago. So the Consortium tries to convince Lik-Lick to bring him back despite some skepticism. But this came at a bad time when the Dark Siders lead by Kafar came to reconquer the Consortium into true Villains Act loyalty by disposing of Lik-Lick, as well as Xrandy for his relation to a member of the Heroes Act. Slala was able to send out a distress signal to warn the Heroes Act of the Dark Siders' attempt. Now, the Heroes Act calls in the Shell Lodge Squad to help them do something considerably tough: convince Viume to drop trying to be the most powerful bounty hunter in the AUU and save the Consortium from being forced into becoming the Dark Siders' slaves. Can Viume bring himself to let go of his egomania and pride and win back what he once lost, and earn something greater than false hope of being considered the best?

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