The Ehswan Library is a data library built by the extinct Teadr 1 race called the Ehswans during the Alternate UUniverses' Second Cartoonian War against both them and the Yatorans. It contains all the data explaining the history and legacy of the Ehswan race, and is located deep underground on the Ehswan home planet of Ehswadus. It hasn't been located for years, and the planet was then made a colony to the Yatorans following their victory over the Ehswans. Thus the endling Ehswan, named Solarithus Mal, constructed this library and hid it from the public to hide it from people on the surface. Mal then downloaded his consciousness into the data library's memory banks following his death and became it's AI to protect it from intruders. The library has top-notch security including powerful AI soldiers only activated by Mal's command. Mal even built himself his own AI unit in the form of an ancient Ehswan AI armored suit for special defense.


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