Edna Isabel Chisholm
Eidolon Girl
Vital statistics
Title Eidolon Girl
Gender Female
Race/Species Stoat (Mustela erminea)
Faction Victorians
Description Fictional, Superanimal, Stunning, Confidant, Surprising,
Skills and Abilities Natural Stoat Abilities, Stealth, Secrecy, Ghosting Powers, Invisibility, Force-Field Generation
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Kra-38 (Homeworld)
  • New Athens, Kratos (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Edna I. Chisholm, AKA Eidolon Girl, is a fictional Superior stoat published in Kratos' XD Comix. She is a valuable and beautiful member of the Victorians who operates in stealth and surprise. She came from a planet Kra-38 where she started off as a regular stoat sniper who was friends with a dhole scientist named Laura and a maned wolf soldier named Forrest, and worked in the same military circuit. Like her friends, she wanted to move higher in the ranks, and felt that she might never make it until the three were abducted by Incursion and given superpowers, as well as 2 others. When they escaped, they moved to the Kratosian city of New Athens and became the Victorians. She was given ghosting powers, invisibility, and force-field generation.

  • MCode: FfgGhIvb


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