Eightball Roll
Vital statistics
Title Agent 8, 8-Ball
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Unicorn-Daemon Hybrid
Faction Equestria Education Association (Formerly)
Description Gambling Addiction, Teasing, Tough, Oftentimes Silly.
Skills and Abilities Cunning, Plagued With Good Luck, Magic Skill, Stealthy, Tactical, E.E.A. Taught-Skills, E.E.A. related reshorces till disbansion.
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Las Pegasus (Hometown)
  • Ponyville (Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Eightball Roll, codename Agent 8, is an Equestrian Daemon-Pony Hybrid and a former spy for the Equestria Education Association, being the cousin of Cozy Glow and Backgammon and the son of Chancellor Wellplay, the EEA's insurance agent, who gave him the job of being excellent surveillance and was a perfect evaluator and coach for the other accredited schools for the EEA, hoping to have something better for him than being a gambler. But when they disbanded, Eightball and his father went back to their hometown of Las Pegasus and Eightball would later become Twilight Sparkle's scout for EEA activity threatening the School of Friendship. He even develops a crush on Hidden Shadow. Eightball is renowned for his gambling addiction, but he seems to be plagued with a phenomenon of good luck, which is what his daemon side represents.


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