Elegy E. Groyson, AKA El Groy, is an Alternate UUniversal Rugholun Ohrugan from Planet Robarzion. He is the magical tyrannical dictator of Gorsert Prime in illegal colony in Union of Independent Systems territory. Seeking to explore the uncharted planet of interesting and resourceful Gorserans, he was unable to do so when the planet's system was claimed by the UIS before he could get there. Completely angry and jealous his quest was thwarted by an organization he already had harsh opinions on, he dons the anonymous identity of El Groy and illegally colonizes the world with friends like Governor Dion, Governor TeChnon, Governor Flameflake, Governor Armgeddon, and the self-absorbed Xorabeak Prince Priss Y. Pantsworth after he finds a magical crown of Magelian origin that was actually scrapped for a reason that eventually fell upon El Groy. Though the crown granted untold magic powers, they were only finite and had grave costs when replenished by a wizard, as El Groy's complexion, youth, and health slowly dwindled as he used it's power. After ruining himself trying to find a limitless source of magic, El Groy found some magician Gorsorans with access to a magic dimension that offered the chance to not only become unstoppable, but turn Gorsert Prime into the kingdom he always dreamed of. Finding the most connected individual, El DeSane, he took him from his parents, whom he found out too late were high-rank members of the underground Gorsoran Resistance opposing him, thus his actions had dire consequences as DeSane was lost to both him and his parents. El Groy responded by using a life-sapping spell to dry out most of the planet and cause global famine, dehydration, death, bankruptcy, and civil war when resources became scarce, but this vengeful act turned him as deformed as Emperor Palpatine and Freddy Krueger combined, along with constant sickness, nausea, and constant medical requirements to stay alive, vowing to find DeSane or collapse trying. Though the Gorserans would be forced to evacuate to the magic dimension due to El Groy's global destruction, DeSane would turn up as a mute lone ranger known as the Nomadian Gorserian, as El Groy would use a global prejudice against magic and labeling him as a criminal to finally obtain him, having Priss as his public spokesperson and Dion as his best agent and governor. Though the cruel caste society he created would spawn soft-hearted people like Skouty, a young emotionally-sensitive and seriously misunderstood Hydrocabiais who is the first to see the Nomad for who he really is and even falls in love with him after seeing how similar they are, swearing to protect him from anyone including her own uncaring and despondent surrogate Phend bounty hunter mother Rogh so she can find out why he is as dangerous as everyone says, which will ultimately result in her meeting the Shell Lodge Squad when El Groy holds UIS millaterry member Commodore Vrex prisoner for life when he threatens to destroy his illegal foundation. He is the AUU version of Nomad of Nowhere El Rey.


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