El Jackasso

El Jackasso.

El Jackasso Delragregus is an exiled mercenary donkey in the Equestrian Badlands. His and his bull partner Bullshiton were exiled there for the countless times they were abit of a crimeful nusience in Equestria for all sort of criminally shenanigans. He would come to be a henchmen of Chancellor Neighsay, who would help him in his plans to get revenge against the School of Friendship. As you can tell, the badlands life as left him with quite a physical story to tell, as Jackasso and Bullshiton are unimaginely unpopular with other badland exiles and outcasts and are pretty much a faverite to beat up and abuse, Jackasso having the rawer deal because of losing a tooth, one of his front limbs now replaced with a short pegleg with a block of wood for balence, and a dagger stuck to his butt and he can't pull it out to avoid injurity, thus he has to leave with painful bathroom trips ever since.
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