El Skales con Carnage
El Skales con Carnage.png
Vital statistics
Title The Carnage, Adopted Father of Wajinga
Gender Male
Race/Species Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus)
Faction Shamus Poopdeck McFarty's Crew (Formerly)
Description Wicked, Cruel, Sadistic, Murderous, Mentally Repressed (In Evil Days)
Skills and Abilities Natural Anaconda Abilities
Status Alive
Location Destiny Islands
Alignment Reformed (By Wajinga Off-Screen)

El Skales con Carnage is a wicked Anaconda who once lived on Destiny Islands after he was cast off from his parents in South America. When he became 21, he adopted an orphaned viper named Wajinga as an egg, and grew up with her until they were both banished from Destiny Islands after Wajinga was accused of dark magic. Feeling anger and despair for everyone taking away his daughter, he became a ruthless and murderous pirate for Shamus Poopdeck McFarty. He has the personality of Scroop, and he is as cruel as him.


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