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Elan Cunningham (On Joe Sparrow's Right)

Elan Cunningham is a young newt from the world of Amphibia. Originally introduced as a background character in Marcy's Theme Song Takeover, he is introduced in the SAFA timeline as a rival of Marcy, Otto, and Spring Greene, as well as the adopted brother of Cadoc, a Newtopian Knight whom Marcy got exiled for having a secret vendetta against King Andrias, as he had an incomplete knowledge of his plans with Extinctus, and would then be turned into a fly and eaten by Rotteen. Blaming Marcy for this death when he turned out half-correct, Elan swore revenge on Marcy and Andrias. He was originally adopted by Cadoc's parents immediately after they disowned him, having him be his replacement, and everything Cadoc was intended to be, but turned them away when Cadoc turned out partially right, and never had a chance to learn the full truth. Thus he completely tarnishes Marcy's name after the events of "True Colors", including tearing down the statue of Marcy from "Scavenger Hunt". He even proves more malicious and manipulative when he tricks Mims into helping him bribe King Atlasine into siding with his cause and stealing what he needed in return for helping him have Newtopia all to himself so he can freeload off it for life, only to turn on him by declaring Newtopia the capital of their resistance against Andrias after he gets footage, provided by Cadoc who was reincarnated as an invasive AI and computer virus, of Marcy's otherworldly friends, Otto, and Spring being defeated and Spring's critical stab after her horrid past was revealed. He even had an assistant in the form of Chafe, who also turns on him when he suggests fighting against Extinctus by using his own unethical animal-abusing and inhumane experiments regardless of it being a god they are facing. He even turns all of Newtopia against Marcy's friends upon their escape by showing footage of Otto suggesting freeing a mutated endling monstrosity from Aves called the Archwalker, which caused an argument on the risks and the resulting disobedience by Rebelle in putting it down fearing it may be dangerous to release, only to learn later from Mims that it was only an omnivore who preferred berries, earning her angry backlash and a personal one from Jako resulting in her departure. This would get them all exiled from Newtopia as well as Dava Typhon for supporting Marcy and saving her life. They would later return with the rounded-up Wartwood including Sasha Waybright and Grime, and to Elan's delight, Rotteen, to take back Newtopia. They manage to sway everyone against Elan as he is in a fight to the death with Rotteen. He would be defeated when Lady Olivia unintentionally summons the spirit of her mother and the Archwalker to scare him and leave him open to be turned into a fly and eaten by Rotteen just like his brother was.


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