Fush Sobus Aephodotus
Elder Aephodotus
Vital statistics
Title Elder Aephodotus, Elder of Hexes, Headmaster of Magelio University
Gender Male
Race/Species Sun-Furred Neimongo (Neimongrius helioherrus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Bookworm, Repressed Enthusiast For Anything, Smart, Talented, Skilled, Masterful Learner And Teacher
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, High-Level Knowledge Of Magic, Acrobatic Skill, Staff-Like Combat Wand
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Hometown And Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Fush S. Aephodotus is an Alternate UUniversal Neimongo from Planet Magelio. He is a pilosan and is not only the Grand Elder of Hexes for the Magelio Elder Council, and thus is mainly in charge of the most basic and easily achievable and adaptable spells ever known, but he is also the superintendent who runs the biggest and widely attended university as he is in charge of educating students and bringing the Council hundreds of protégés and warriors to help defend against the precious arts of magic. Coming from a long line of people who worked for the university, he was working there since he was 19. He's a big bookworm and enthusiast for virtually anything, though he has a traditional obligation to not show weakness, and thus commonly hides his past personality behind a serious, strict, smart, and low-toned educator. He has a principal in the form of a mean yet fair Gelis named Principal Loxley.


Fush was the childhood friend of Eldridge who supported his beliefs. He grew up in the days before the Magilo world began to boot out dark magilo users as simple as that. Back then, Dark Magilo users were actselly allowed to live in Magilo, but things as expected, weren't very peaceful for needless to say obvious reasons, in that Dark Magilo Users were starting to become a problem domesticly and abroad. The grand universeal community was demanding that the good ones finally rein in their rouges.

But Eldridge was afraid allowing so many dark magilos to be togather in one sitting would risk an ineditable uprising, and wanted to introduse a spell that would automaticly banish all Dark Magilos. Unfortunately, his father, Headelder Fornelious, was too much of an idealist to understand a legit unfixable issue and was against deporting otherwise fellow Magilo users, even when the dark part would discourage any change on their own part. Fush was 100 percent behind Eldridge on this, knowing that if there is to be any hope of fixing what is wrong with Dark Magilo users, the odds would be greater if they were seperated from greater threats.

One day, he and Eldridge went to do a protrol when they stumble onto overhearing a coven of High Level Dark Magilo Users, garthered by the High Dark Magilo User, a dark-hearted Toshan named Dark Lord Horrendeous, who plotted to coherse all of the Dark Magilo Users to rise togather and cause what would've been known as "The Dark Revolt" that would've allowed Dark Magilo users to become the suprime power of Magilo and enable them to spread their enfluence beyond Magilo!

Eldridge and Fush went to warn the council about the threat! Thankfully, the council believed him in due to acknowledging Horrendeous as a known radical and even Fornelious was made to come to terms that direct peace with Dark Magilo can't easily happen. But the Council said there's little they can do to stop Horrendeous in believing that with all the Dark Magilo Users around, they have no chance to win. But Eldridge was quick to bring up his plan to banish the lesser Magilo while condemning the higher threats as damned spirits inside their own dark temples, and that's through making the planet capable to banish out Dark Magilo shorces.

However, thanks to Horrendeous' best apprentice, a Xulture-Xultusaur hybrid named Acolyte Hexsex, the hex dark magilo user, Horrendeous became aware of the Council's consenious and how they were alarmed by his planned revolt, forcing him to prematurely start it from the planned date and bring an army of powerful but exhausted Dark Magilo Users to try and stop it! Thus, the Great Magilo war began, and dispite numbers, both sides proved equil and even!

While Eldridge would focus on the banishment spell, Fush was at the front lines and battled the Dark Magilo army lead by Hexsex, leading to the two to battle in an epic and intense fight of hexes! The two were equils in power, but Hexsex was not known to fight honorably and used dirty tactics to get Fush in a vulerable position! Even when at the mercy of Horrendeous' best pupel, Fush refused to surrender, leading to Hexsex desiding to kill him off, but Eldridge's spell finally came through as the Magilo users started to get banished and scattered throughout the AUU, which included Hexsex who tried to fight it with a hex to counter the banishment, but Fush ultamately saw the oppertunity and hex blast Hexsex from consintracition and left him to be banished like the rest, with Hexsex sworing revenge! Fush became a great war hero that stopped a terrorable uprising and would confirm his future place as an elder of the council.

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