Fayme Plerea Amaryllis
Elder Amaryllis
Vital statistics
Title Elder Amaryllis, Grand Elder of Witchcraft
Gender Female
Race/Species Brown-Faced Morgucy (Morgucis fuscfacus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Often Arrogant and Stubborn, Calm and Collective
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Witchcraft
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
  • Wraemontir (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Grimrume System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Elder Fayme P. Amaryllis is an Alternate UUniversal Morgucy from Planet Wraemontir. She is a bat-faced canine and the Grand Elder of Witchcraft for the Magelio Elder Council, and thus she is in charge of the good and evil that can be put into Magelian magic, and thus can do virtually anything, gruesome, evil, Faustian, sacrificial, or otherwise. Raised on the world that is the birthplace of Grim Night (AUU Halloween), she was an unfortunate victim as she was aiming to use magic for greater purposes, but because of the infamous and tormenting actions of the infamous Grimsisters as a result of their terrible and discriminated pasts, she was declared insane and there was nobody on her planet who wanted to accept her dream. But when she finally gave in, she met the sorceress named Ghoulian, who wished to grant her wish, only for Fayme to realize too late that Ghoulian was a Grimsister who cast hundreds of people she aided in her quest into the Penance Realm, the Grimsisters' exile realm that could induce emotional trauma and sympathy for the Grimsisters to the people imprisoned there. As they admonished and brutally shunned Fayme for aiding a Grimsister, exiling her to the moon, which ended up being short-lived because her powers were great enough that she can escape almost stupidly quick. Upset that Ghoulian betrayed her and turned her people against her, including her mother and father who it turns out, with her late husband, was one of the people who discriminated the Grimsisters and constantly fought them through an eye-for-an-eye, as her mother hung Ghoulian's sister and Ghoulian thus took her husband, cursed him in an utter painful spell, and exiled him to the Penance Realm, in payback. Thus, she was able to use all she learned to access the Penance Realm, free her father who was now as ugly as sin due to Ghoulian's curse, and thus they ended up going back to Wraemontir, destroying all her witchcraft and powers, and exiling her to the moon. She lifted the curse on her father as she finally proved to everyone that magic can be used responsibly. Though this didn't fix their attitude against the Grimsisters because of the bad things they've done throughout the centuries. Regardless, she decided to leave to Magelio and become the Elder of Witchcraft.


Fayme was native to a world that had an extremely salem-eqsed attatude against magic, if primarly against witchcraft in due to actions of wicked Grimsisters, along with the commen complaints of demon assusiation and curses. Fayme wanted to discourage those commen complaints by using the craft in good ways, being from a family of wiccans, but her family warned against it. It's not the family didn't approved, as they were worried for her safety and credability. But Fayme persisted, but as expected, the populus were quick to renounce and denounce her as a person, universeingly deeming her to be a Grimesister waiting to happen. Fayme deemed this behavior hypocritical since they have a trusted town wizard, who isn't any more encouraging.

Fayme was at a breaking point where she was gonna give up because of how idiotic everyone is behaving, and went to a forest to cry alone. But she was approuched by an elderly Skeptic exile named Ghoulian, and offered to grant her a wish to make the townspeople come to appresiate her magic abit better. In not knowing any better, she accepted the deal with Ghoulian. Only to later come to regret it.

Fayme return home and discover the atrosity Ghoulian commited. She banished the town's people into the Penance Realm, an anichent Grimsister exiler dimention. When Ghoulian comfronted Fayme, she pretty much exposed what Fayme agreed to because of the town's people stupidity, and that their newfound suffering is now her fault. As a result, the town's people further denounce Fayme, resulting in the angered wizard mayor to banish her to the moon. But it ultamately proved to be a stupid action because Ghoulain reveiled that Fayme was the only one who can reverse what was ask of her, leaving the wizard to look like a complete dumbass.

But Ghoulian's expectations on being done here and there with Fayme proved over-hyped as she managed to get back as easily thanks to her wiccen powers. She demanded answers why Ghoulian would do this, resulting in a big shock, in that her parents were once Grimsister hunters, her father espeically, that were respondsable of taking the life of Ghoulian's sister, so as revenge, she sent her father in the penance realm first with an ugliess curse that reflects the pain brought apawn her sister, explaining that his murder should not be overlooked and be treated as heroisum for any reason. Fayme, conflicted to still maintain her rage of the grimsister and to feel sorry for her, did something that dumbfounded everyone: She lunged right into the penance realm!

She found her father exactly as Ghoulian advertised, and then proceeded to free him and all of the imprisoned residence back to the town to the great dismay of Ghoulian! In a fit of rage, Ghoulian engaged in a magical duel with Fayme for going against a grimsister pact! The duel was intense, as Fayme was in danger of losing to the superior Ghoulian, but her parents and the repenting town wizard join in and overwealmed Ghoulian! Ghoulian suffered a blast that took away her powers, leaving her vulerable to an exile to the moon by the very wizard she humiliated.

The Town Wizard expressed his apologes, as did the towns people, and welcome Fayme as the good magic user she is and came to at least have a softer stance of magic. Opinions on Grimsisters however, remained unchanged. Eventually, Fayme would come to believe she can do greater things then already and went to seek out the Magilo world. Though the council was cautious in wanting to accept her, in hearing on how she redeem a mistake quickly and defeated a still-evil Grimsister, she was accepted and placed onto the path that would lead her into being one with the Council.

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