Inger Olome Brewstrom
Elder Brewstrom
Vital statistics
Title Elder Brewstrom, Brewstorm, Brewston (Commen misconception name) Brewmaster, Elder of Potions
Gender Male
Race/Species Mixed-Berry Rainitoyge (Rainitoxtarchus berrychrobus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council of New
Description Middle-Aged, Visionary, Once Greedy, Intolerable Of Being Called A Con Artist, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Natural Frog-Like Abilities, Toxic Skin, Expert Brewing and Chemical Skills, Expert Magician
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Teadr Pools, Irozifron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Xaowin System) (Homeland)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Inger O. Brewstrom is an Alternate UUniversal Rainitoyge from Planet Irozoifron. He is a colorful poison-dart-frog-like creature and the Grand Elder of Potions for the Magelio Elder Council, and thus is excellent in chemicals, augmentation, medicine, cures, poisons, illnesses, and so on. Raised on a land that used to be an ancient get-together of over a dozen ancient Teadr 1 races including the Plasmoids, Uridians, Sollans, Ollotheans, Balactans, Physheges, Realshes, Gryjeams, and many others, and as such it was a thriving community, currently named Brewing Falls, until their disappearances eons ago lead to the location being profited on for centuries by other races including the Qlarg, Gruids, Augurans, Yatorans, Cepheans, Sabochans, Grutts, Acrillisapes, Tiikons, Synthans, the Ohrugans that made Irozoifron one of their colonies, and even humans and sentient animals, ultimately giving this location it's current name. Brewstrom was one of many who took on this career, selling potions, serums, and cures for massive profit. Though, by unintentionally creating a real cure-all potion that could cure any and all diseases. Unfortunately, the people didn't believe him and labeled his invention as a con to the point where it was never bought and almost destroyed. Though after curing an incurable disease from his many siblings, he advanced to more potions, even after he was still dubbed a con artist. Tired of this, he went out of his way to find an earnestly sick person not related to his family and/or peers to not have them accused of being playing a role, and found that in a dying child of rich Yateron nobles, cured her, and thanks to them finally gotten his reckinition. But after exspearing his rejecters NOW take him seriously because of slightly more creditable people, he realised that people are too fickle to help and only accepted him NOW because how he cured the child of two random strangers. Enlighten on how shallow people are, he desided to close up his potion shop, even when the mayor begged him to stay! But Brewston said this: "Maybe I wasn't perfect, BUT AT LEAST I WAS HONEST ABOUT BEING A CON IN A SENSE?! But you people?! You never accepted me when I actselly MADE  a cure-all, but you didn't took me seriously until I cured a dying Yateron kid?! And even then, you hide behind non-honest opinions just because I was legit for once?! The moment I go back to being fraudulent, your just gonna go back to hating my guts! WELL I'M DONE WITH YOU MORONS?! Now, to not leave you with nothing, I gave the recipe to my sister for you people to have anything from me. But me myself? I desided I deserve BETTER, then people who are afraid to keep a consisent opinion at the faces of rich USRA aliens! Good bye, loserville, because you won't have me to slap around anymore?!" and left with a slamming of the door! Though apawn leaving, he quickly regreted his choice when his sibling sold the recipe to the rich Yaterons, who were owners of a widely popular medicine company! He fell victim to life's ultamate con: Let him to make an actual working cure, only for him to ditch it because of people being stupid. He desided he wanted to turn his overall life around and make something of himself. He later found a more accepting location on Magelio, where his achievements earned him a position as the Elder of Potions.


To say Brewstrom had a very unconventional start for a future elder would be a bleeding understatement. Brewstrom came from a long line of Snake Oilers, or a fancy word for "Con Artists", because the Brewstom family are reknown to sell snake oil products. Inger was someone different. He wanted to make a brew that's actselly gonna help someone. However, the curse that is the Brewstom ill reputation slowed him down painfully. Granted, in all fairness he did dapple in conning people in his youth, but he matured out of it and wanted to do things right.

One night, during a tirade after another failed attempt, grabbed a bunch of his tonics and tossed them all into the same couldron in a rage and ended causing a brew exploudsion! He survived, albeit, abit humiliated, but then saw the brew glowed in a pretty rainbow of colors. He has his brew scanner scan the concotion, and found that it's a cure all tonic he created by extremely dumb luck! He saw this as his means of finally getting a good rep for his family.

But alchourse, the traditional family reputation kept people ignorent to this. Inger still got called a con. Stores refused to accept the tonic. It even got bad to the point that a gang of embittered enemies of the Brewstom family tried to break into the Brew house and tried to destroy his tonic! Thankfully, defence brews protected and left the thugs to be trapped in embarrising colors that would forever leave them to be social and laughable outcasts!

He tried to settle this by curing his siblings, and for he most part, it proved it's worth to fairweather people, but persistent folk argued that the siblings could've been in on it. At first, Inger still did fine, but an old bully of his came and said that the cure-all tonic is a crock of shit to his face and called him a con! Enraged, he grabbed more of his tonic, stomped down down the street, arrived to a private hospital, ignored the nurses and staff in a cartoonistic fastion, entered a room that held a rich Yateron nobles sad over their ill daughter, he gives her the tonic, it cures her, and through the impressed parents NOW has gained crediability and universeal love.

But Inger proven to be too upset on how quick that change happen. He was actselly irritated that they deemed rich Yaterons more creditable then himself. In ignoring the phrases, he stomped out and returned home. In not heeling to a pleading mayor to stay, he gave a firm speech and a note that a sibling will take over the tonic, and proceeded to make means to leave the planet. However, apawn doing that, he discovered that he got conned by life. The sibling sold the tonic's recipe to the rich Yaterons, who were owners of a famous medicine corperation called Feelgood Enterprises that made millions from his original creation?! He became humbled in that life taught him a lesson he would never forget, and would still leave the planet. Alchourse, the fact that he cured a dying Yateron child, he was invited to practice Magilo Brewing and found a new outlit to his life, and eventually became one with the council.

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