Frederick Simmons Felker
Vital statistics
Title Elder Felker
Gender Male
Race/Species Genetically-Enhanced Human
Faction Leader of Prized Guard
Description Wise, Noble, Good Leading Figure, Strong, Cunning, Careful
Skills and Abilities Natural Human Abilities, Genetic Improvement Includes Stronger Bones, A Slow Healing Factor, Greater Strength, Reflexes, Agility, And Endurance, Standard-Issue Prize Power Armor, Standard-Issue Weaponry
Status Alive
Location Mutantus
  • Prized Guard HQ, Prize City, Prized Lands (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Frederick S. Felker is a genetically-engineered human from Mutantus. He is the leader of the Prized Guard, residing in Prize City, the capital of the central normal lands of Mutantus, charged with keeping security in human territory with his son Pulsifer, all while being funded by Team Gunz and BioGen Inc, the top megacorporation for humans on Mutantus. His guard protects the law of human society for their president, President Falle while at the same time helping in public relations with the mutants outside the central lands, including their leader Lord Decapod since the death of their last leader Lord Evolfield. He guards the Prize City, and even Prize Hall, with his life, and ensures that Mutantus is kept safe from any mutant menace. He is the Mutantus version of Fallout Elder Lyons.


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