Teshen Ibiba Hieronymus
Elder Hieronymus
Vital statistics
Title Elder Hieronymus, Elder of Terramancy
Gender Male
Race/Species Tumblefoot Curvidot (Curvidermus tumblus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Angry At Times, Strong-Willed, Bumbling, Wise, Bold
Skills and Abilities Natural Pachyderm Abilities, Strength, Size, Terrain-Based Magic, Terrain Manipulation
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Terropolis, Zarthane (Beta Universe, Beta Core Sector, Chrissilia System) (Hometown)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Teshen I. Hieronymus is an Alternate UUniversal Curvidot from Planet Zarthane. A rough-headed pachyderm and the Grand Elder of Terramancy, as such he is in charge of the magic of worlds, soil, atmosphere, terrain, and everything between. He was actually a member of a clan of renegade wizards called the Terruids who had the ability to raise or move geological formations, control terrain, manipulate physics, and do many other things, doing this initially out of revenge for shunning magic due to an anti-magic ruler named Tarcrapius, who's reasoning is not typical anti-magic reasoning as more suppose he thinks magic is an outmoded thing for science to replace, but he said it in a way that magic must be shun as an outmoded thing and has simply failed to correct himself out of preference to let the public decide for themselves. As years passed, that motivation was forgotten and the Terruids became an inter-species guild of bullies who tortured people with their powers. Teshen was skeptical of this lifestyle and after his mother told lies to get him to join in a master plan that, after it caused many civilisations to be destroyed, even if the aim was to make sure the anti-magic ruler died, which he did, and allowed a more pro-magic ruler to take over to discourage more examples of power being used to harm, it had the unintentional side-effect of inspiring generations of anti-magic rebelers that, though thankfully are never a threat, this isn't what Teshen agreed to, and had his mother and other family members arrested, depowered, and exiled. Even with Zarthane on the path of a more pro-magic leadership, he felt the point of the goal was lost because of how far they went to atthive this and left certain people, even if they're just abunch of unlikeable hateful magicphobes, to be enturnally miserable, and he wanted a world where everyone was happy, not to have another world where the majority rule while the minority are left in the dark, no less different on how the anti-magic ruler done things. He thus became miserable and went to Magelio where he eventually became the Elder of Terramancy in the Magelio Elder Council, and to make sure the powers his family used aren't used for personal gain again, even if it's for understandable reasons.


Long ago, Zarthane was a world that appresiated magic to it's logical concludsion and treated it like a way of life. Thus, the world was ruled by magic clans that bring order and peace into the world, one of them being the most devoted, the Terruids. They were masters of the earth and masters capable of great geological changes. These and other magic clans would keep the peace of the world for many generations.

By the time Teshen, the latest Terruid, was born, it was in the twilight hours of the reign of magic. Science was in it's infancy when it showed up. To the magic clans, science was something to be considered like magic, but without the need for spells, tomes and runes. Some magic clans have a positive or neutrol outlook onto it, but few of them, including the Terriuds, feared that science would replace magic, so they aimed to either restrict it, or in the cases of the more extreme clans, outright ban it. And the Terriuds were the clan to take it a step beyond and would go as far as to exile sciencetists for practicing science. But science would soon get itself a powerful ally in the form of the wide-eyed hopeful for the new leadership of Zarthane, Tarcrapicus Overglorifini.

Tarcrapicus began to write off magic as an outmoded form of evolution that science shall replace and that the most highly advanced races barely, if not at all, needed magic to reach their great levels. Problem is, while Tarcrapius is not a true magic hater rather just someone who wants to encourage change, his words ended up being interperated as magic should be shunned for being outdated and outmoded. As such, Tarcrapius was elected into leadership and science became the law of the land, while magic started to fall from graces. As did the Terruids who ended up becoming a far cry from their glory days as a guild of mistreaters to any that forsake magic for science.

While the peaceful magic clans silently accepted their fate and went into secludion, the more vocal clans, espeically the Terruids, rebeled against Tarcrapius' regime. Teshem would grow up in a miserable world dispite it's sciencey utopian outlook. The Terruids hated that Tarcrapius didn't nessersarly meant for magic's downfall as a hated thing, but choose not to do anything about it because of his egalatarian beliefs of letting the people deside for themselves, deeming him to be a reckless, lazy idiot that disrespected and defiled the gifts of magic. Teshen's mother, Ohmi Ohmy Hieronymus, talked him and the clan to commence what will be remembered as "The Quake of Cleansing", a quake that'll bring a terrorable end of the science cities, even the Tarcrapius capital, which will restore magic rule as only magic communities will survive the shake. Teshen clearly shown hesitatintion, but Ohmi cohersed him by it is the code of the family and that magic deserves better then it's science abuser.

With relucence, Teshen and the family found the weakest point of the world and used their malmitulation of earth powers to cause the quake of cleansing! And it did exactly what Ohmi predicted. Magic Communities were able to save themselves from the destruction while the science cities fell one by one, including the Tarcrapius capital, which lead to the ruler of the science world to die a painful, long death inside the ruins of his dreams with his family and peers unable to help him.

After the quake of cleansing was finished, the science cities were destroyed, and magic reclaimed rulership and helped fixed up the mess. Tarcrapius' family left Zarthane in enturnal sorrow of his death, science was back to it's infantcy and magic was the boss of everything again, and Ohmi's plan was successful. Magic was back to being king. But Teshen was dominated by guilt. The lives he helped ruin and taken, the civilisations he destroyed, the cultures that gotten slaughtered.... All for idealogical gain. But he hoped that it would be the end of it. However, he was proven wrong when rising anti-magic rebelers armed with science tec not seen for awhile since the cleansing started to rose up and challnage the magic clans. Thankfully, they were clearly nothing but hopeless haters and don't represent the science community, or lack there of, as a whole, but for Teshen, that was his breaking point. He agreed to restore magic rule, not another case of the majority opressing the minority, like with the Tarcrapius rule.

Teshen betrayed his mother and the clan by exposing their crimes to the ruling clan. As such, the Terruids got arrested and then were sentenced to be de-powered, the clan disbaned as a magic clan, and exiled from Zarthane. Surprisingly, Teshen didn't got denounced by his own family for it, not even by Ohmi, because they knew that Teshen proved more purer then them by doing what he did, and honorably accepted their fate, never wishing to be liked for what they did and only wanted to restore magic's legacy. Even with the thought that his family were not flat out psycos or remorseless monsters, he was still broken that he did this to them all the same. He deside to leave Zarthane himself to find a new purpose. And found it in Magilo. He came to be a close friend of Xextechus, who would help him in bring peace to Zarthane's science and magic communities with his talent in Tecnomancy. As a result, with introdusing better relations of science and magic this way, Zarthane found true peace at last, and eventually, Teshen became a member of the Magilo council.

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