Challis Aea Lifeworthy
Elder Lifeworthy
Vital statistics
Title Elder Lifeworthy, Elder of Life
Gender Female
Race/Species Flowering Altjir (Altjirptera anthosia)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Beautiful, Stunning, Preserving, Caring About All Life, Very Passionate and Passive, Bold, Noble
Skills and Abilities Natural Butterfly-Like Abilities, Wide Knowledge of Life-Based Magic Spells
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Zrixgully, Zarbon (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Werbton System) (Homeland)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Elegant Good

Elder Challis A. Lifeworthy is an Alternate UUniversal Altjir from Planet Zarbon. She is a butterfly-like insect and the Grand Elder of Life for the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, she is in charge of the balance and preservation of life, the ecosystem, and the magic that enriches it. Being raised in a secret Zrix forest on par with Ferngully where she lived in harmony with wildlife, and protected it from a corrupt and insensitive businessman who wanted to tear down the forest for profit, put the zrixes on the pet trade like he did in the past, all in the name of 'progress' with no concern for wildlife. After turning the businessman into an eternally-sick tree forever sentenced to dwell in all the harm he caused in life, she was made into a herald of life itself, and went to Magelio where she eventually became the Elder of Life.


Challis Lifeworthy was an adopted child of the secret Zrixie socity of Zrix forest after her parents were collected by an uncaring bug collecting brat who collects insects without consideration for the ecosystem effect. In living without her biological parents, her adopted Zrixie family brought her into a world she came to love and respect. She came into wanting to keep this magic safe and became a member of the Zrixie Guard to keep this home safe.

However, since that time, the bug collecting brat grew up to be a money grubbing corperate dipshit by the name of Bossman Seymour Butts, an ass of a Yateron and leader of a independent compnay called Logs'N'Butts, a logging company that wants to build the greatest city on Zarbon he would name 'Seymouria', originally named "Buttopia" until that name made everyone laugh, and removed all forests that get in the way! Even Zrix forest.

Seymour lead a legion of loggers and construction workers to make plans to taking down the Zrix forest. But when the Zrixie leader, Challis' grandmother, came to beg the loggers to leave, all Seymour saw were dollor signs as he can turn Zrixies into pets! As such, he ordered the workers and loggers to cpature Zrixies and have them in cages ready for the pet-trade while plans for Seymouria are put on a brief hiatus. The act of kidnapping the Zrixies is beyond intoleratable to poor Challis, who dispite her training, is barely a real threat to the workers, let along Butts who quickly caught her with aims to turn her into a collected bug like he did in his youth, exposing his prior history to Challis as the brat who took her parents.

That was the boiling point. The same creep who took her parents and, given how bug collecting works, are likely dead at this point, and is now taking away her family AND home, all in the name of a city yet to exist and profit, it drove her in a rage, as her heart became connected with the power of nature as the plants and trees began to attack Seymour and the loggers and workers! All of Seymour's followers ran away in terror, abandoning the captured Seymour to the freed Zrixies and Challis. Seymour pathicly cried and beg for mercy with a promise of never coming back, but Challis had reason to believe he won't keep that promise and punished his greed by turning him into a tree in perpetual sickness and condemning him to feel the suffering he wroughted to all he harmed over the years, forever feeling the pain of the many antropods he collected over his life. Challis was left to be declared a hero, and was made a herold to life itself, and was invited to partake in magilo studies and would come to to join the council.


  • "(When confronting Seymour)... Alright, I'm here to see Seymour Butts! Has anyone seen Seymour Butts? (His staff were confused, but then one of them scoffed) (Employee: I BET YOU'D LIKE TO SEE-MOUR BUTTS!) (Everyone laughed)... Very mature!"

Stopping Seymour Butts

(When Lifeworthy asks for Seymour)

Clone Training Center

Clone Training Center


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