Lugus Cerry Lighthead
Elder Lighthead
Vital statistics
Title Elder Lighthead
Gender Male
Race/Species Small-Faced Lumreed (Chirishus luxor minor)
Faction Independent
Description Insane, Absolute, Menace, Angry, Mean
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Tinkering Intelligence
Status Imprisoned
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Pharagu (Delta Universe, Delta Core Sector, Jarrango System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Stuck In The Past/Proxy Evil

Elder Lugus C. Lighthead is an Alternate UUniversal Lumreed from Planet Pharagu. He is a bioluminescent mole and the second biggest example of the Pharaguians being resentful to the USRA's regretful desidion to turn Pharagu into a garbage dump planet for it's acid lakes, behind Dr. Glowrod. Due to being a rare long-liver breed of his race, Lighthead has managed to be around for thoundsons of years, and is extremely old from it, and he knew what Pharagu was like before becoming the planet of trash heaps. Unfortunately being leader of the planet, he's virtually respondsable of making Pharaguians rotten jerks to begin with, though it's not hard to see why. Pharagu was once a legitamently beautiful planet, but thanks to the idiotic and irrespondsable Yurun governor, Govenor Cheesepuffus, ordered the trash crisis to be sloved by sending it to Pharagu on the assumtion that acid lakes means no life, ignoring the presence of the plants that have long roots that reach the planets' shorce of life, underground water pockets. Due punishment to the irrespondsable idiot and promises to correct the mistake soon wasn't enough for him, and he made sure it wasn't enough for the Pharaguians either. With the exception of his adopted Fleeming daughter Centa, Lighthead has 99.9901 percent full convincing control of the Pharaguians in his anti-USRA beliefs. It gotten bad to the point that they phraise the USRA's disbanion, even dispite the war it produce, though they argued that independence from the allience would've made that a non-issue. He even had the nerve to center holidays around it, including a flaming man inspired event where they burned down giant wooden statues of famous USRA leaders, including that of Cheesepuffus. He's also known to lead protesters to protest and harass garbage disposeal workers, including that of a personal crush of Centa and his easily provokeable friend. He became unpopular to the garbage dump boss Sixton as a result, who would've already long reported Lighthead to justice had it not been for Six being kind to Centa's feelings for him, but he warns that if Lighthead goes too far, he, if not anyone even more intolerentable to his behavior, will not ignor this anymore. And soon, Lighthead is bound to cross that line.


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