Szyrma Zezi Montmorency
Elder Montmorency
Vital statistics
Title Elder Montmorency, Elder of Occlumency
Gender Female
Race/Species Hot Pink Sacquid (Phlegmaphantoma hotorhodos)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Intelligent, Wise, Noble, Observant, Ambitious, Determined, Persistent
Skills and Abilities Natural Squid Abilities, High-Level Mental-Defense And Offense Spells
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Blackword Waterville, Chimerum (Theta Universe, Ciarron System, Dijigon System) (Hometown)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Szymra Z. Montmorency is an Alternate UUniversal Sacquid from Planet Chimerum. She is a cephalopod and the Grand Elder of Occlumency in the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, she is in charge of fighting off all forms of mental spells, attacks, and illusions. She was born in an elaborate coral reef and was known to be a hypnotic psychiatrist who was famous for curing mental tricks, affiliations, and anything else that affects the mind. This earned her a chance to be trained on Magelio and thus she moved up to being the Elder of Occlumency. She has helped revolutionize the art of protecting the mind from mental domination and illusion on the planet itself.


Szymira started out as a member of a family of outcasts in an underwater city of Blackword Waterville, a community with an extremely unreasonable bias against magic for no historical or logical reason other then seemingly for the hell of it. Szymira and family were practiciers of occlumency, the ability to protect from easy malmitulation from one bad enfluence or the other, so it isn't like she and her family were known trouble makers.

Then it gotten to a boiling point when an asshole tried to burn down their home, only for it to fail embarrisingly because the idiot forgot that he lives under realistic water logic and therefor, he ended up being an idiot. Thus, the young Szymira desided that enough is enough and used her magic to force herself into understanding the idiot's reasoning, only to discover that he was under the influence of a mental spell that's making him hate magic without a logical reason.

In being concerned, she brought this infomation to the city mayor, Mayor Mindrin Fukery. However, it ended up being discovered that Mindrin was behind why everyone hated magic because he was a rouge mental malmitulater that was once a victim of magic discrimination on a planet of magic haters that no longer exists thanks to him malmitulating some Bullarns to give them the Astro Laser treatment. The Mayor tried to control her, but failed thanks to Occlumency. The wicked magic mayor desided that if he can't control her, he'll destroy her! But this ended up failing short in that her parents who overheard everything came to her rescue just in time and countered back against a mind-murder spell that would reduse a victim to a hopeless mental retard. Mindrin ended up falling victim to his own spell being bounced back to him and condemned him to a periment retardency, which in term undoes his influence on the city.

As such, Szymira's family are hailed as heroes for saving them form a vengeful madman, and a new mayor declared them to be resident mental malmitulation protecters, and Szymira went on to be a celebrated fixer of magical mental woes. However, as Szymira grew, she grew worried that the city will fall to another mental malmitulater, and felt that her basic magic isn't enough. Cowinidently, she was invited by the Magilo Council to practice Magilo which would garrentie to better help her make her even greater. With encouragement from her parents and the mayor, she accepted, and has since became a Magilo Council Elder in the time that followed.

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