Ietter Lus Occoypse
Elder Occoypse
Vital statistics
Title Elder Occoypse, Elder of Astromancy
Gender Male
Race/Species Pygmy Shurgo (Niveapeigger pygmus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council of New
Description Middle-Aged, Emotionally Repressed, Sensitive of Past, Rough, Prone to Anger, Often Mean
Skills and Abilities Natural Species Abilities, Astromancy Magic Allowing Ability to Control Fabric of Time and Space, Other Forms of Magic
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Orophia (Alpha Universe, Bacmus Sector, Fordon-Plannack System) (Homeworld)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Ietter Lus Occoypse is an Alternate UUniversal Shurgo from Planet Orophia. He is a tusked tapir-like creature and the Grand Elder of Astromancy for the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, he is in charge of the magic of the cosmos, the space-time continuum, spatial forces, the stars, systems, unigalaxes, and so on. He has similar powers to the 2016 Doctor Strange, and he refuses to explain his past to even his fellow elders because it involving a rouge Astromany malmitulating Socceror that took over Orophia until he stopped him and got a wonderful life until a month later, the same grudgemental socceror constantly started ruining it all by committing chrono-terrorism with the use of augmented astromancy so much that Ietter loses all confidence and cried that his life was permanently ruined until an event that involved a fight between the two after Ietter put himself togather on par with Timmy vs. Crocker in Abra-Catastrophe through dimensions, space, and virtually any environment until this almost tore apart the space-time continuum. After the socceror was ultimately erased from reality by very cheesed off time lords that reversed his damaged, this left Ietter with mental scars as he swore to make sure that astromancy was never used for evil ever again, fearing that people will suffer what he did. Thus, he joined the Council and became the Elder of Astromancy. He has claimed to have had several sightings of an astro-whale migration from his home planet, with little people believing him, and has rode and interacted with a few in his Magelio career.


Ietter was born on the Planet Orophia, a quarter-ecumenopolis planet and is widely known for it's ancient magic periods underneath a highly-corporate and successful society. Ietter lived in a non-ecumenopolis society as the son of the single father mayor of his hometown until he married a stepmother named Lady Hazterhom and had two daughters named Deeta and Alastia. However, A rouge Astromany malmitulating socceror named Astromamus Doomfare ends up taking over by sabotaging an election against Hazterhom and her husband and took over with a relentless iron fist. This left Ietter's father to defelupt sueisideal thoughts and Hazterhom to be an embittered mess.

As the years passed, Ietter was starting to adapt well into this harsh society, and get along well with his friends. However, he ends up discovering evidence that Doomfare sabotaged the election, and yearns to tell everyone until he is caught by robotic enforcers, resulting in Doomfare to have him sentenced to a brainwashed slave who knows nothing but service, only for his friends to save him. With the secret exposed, and with Doomfare being threaten with exile, he fled the planet vowing revenge with the recovering father and Hazterhom taking their rightful place as intended leaders. Ietter ends up restoring everything with a paradox spell, bringing the true and more acceptable sides to his friends to the point where he gets a girlfriend out of one of them.

Months pass as his life gets much more enjoyable as he is about to be married, and has bee given the chance to become new mayor of his hometown. However, before his life could be taken to the next level, Doomfare came back, this time with stronger powers, gaining access to astromancy spells that allow them to alter time so that the last of the friends was killed before he could reveal the truth, and that last friend was his girlfriend. Now, Ietter is brought to many alternate realities where Doomfare STILL ruled everything, only it gotten more dystopian, if not a continuation of what was wrong already. Doomfare REALLY desided to be a dick to Ietter and went out of his way to make sure never gets his life back. With the final reality taking away his astromancer powers, he is put under indentured contractual servitude. In utter failure, Ietter despairs as there was nothing he could do.

However, he ends up in a stroke of luck by exposing his crime in the reality he is residing in, and with Doomfare losing control once again, the inhabitants decide to give Ietter back his astromancy powers, as he challenges Doomfare for a fight for the fate of Orophia. Thus, they take their battle not just on Orophia, but other worlds, in space, alternate dimensions, crazy environments, and any place where Ietter wins over. However, Doomfare REALLY desided to further prove that he was an unredeemable piece of trash with probulity the dirty trick to end all dirty tricks. Doomfare intends to erase his homeworld from reality with a paradox spell that would declare that he would create a reality where he destroys the planet instead of using time-travel if Ietter doesn't back down. However, when the fight escalates as he tried to do so, he finds that his excessive abuse of time-travel spells have gone to the point where the AUU starts tearing itself apart. With this, his paradox failed to happen thanks to intervention of some very pissed off AUU timelords. With them declaring that this is the final straw and dubbing Doomfare too dangerous to be left alive, they made it that Doomfare was never born by having it that his parents desided against having children, erasing Doomfare from reality as he fades screaming like a phathic cowerd. Thus, he has a new reality that is still like the one he had, but that Doomfare never came to the planet and his father and stepmother had their rightful rule from the start while he still came to knew his friends.

When explaining the true story to his friends, he ultimately decides that astromancy is bound to be abused again, and he wishes to leave so he can ensure it never happens. Promising that someday he'll return, he leaves and seeks enlightenment from Magelio. Despite keeping the time-travel incident a secret, he manages to do well in asking for hope from the Magelio Grand Council. Though some end up sensing his past, they decide to wait for him to admit it to himself, and later on, upon reaching his mid-life age, they name him the Elder of Astromancy, which he still holds to this day.

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