Echo Oul Ouranium
Elder Ouranium
Vital statistics
Title Elder Ouranium, Magelio Elder of Spirits
Gender Male
Race/Species Great Bearded Spookbird (Strigpookos eldus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Wise, Elderly, Magical, Weak Memory, Spooky Haunting Eyes
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Limited Flight, Magelian Magic, Ability To See The Dead And Spirits
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Mouraga City, Morbius (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Wiltink System) (Hometown)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Echo Oul Ouranium is an Alternate UUniversal Spookbird from Planet Morbius. He is an owl-like bird and the Grand Elder of Spirits for the Magelio Elder Council, and thus he is in charge of not only communicating with the residence of the Boundary Cluster, but can also fulfill favors for and communicate with spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, and other forms of paranormal activity using his family's Dead Eye ability, capable of taming the most tortured soul. Being raised in a corrupt city of corrupt law enforcement and high levels of crimes, Echo's father discovered that the city was built above a ghostly tomb that supposedly held a portal to the fathoms of the Boundary Cluster, which was the afterlife of the AUU and held their Boundary Generator, two purgatories, and several others. But Echo was later raised away from his father when he was presumed killed of unknown circumstances. Discovering that he was captured by a deadly and wealthy criminal organization called the Court of Shadows, run by an evil Battubird named Mr. Mcshadowson, who have kept the portal open in aims of a sinister plan, and seek Echo's father's discoveries and unleash them in order for Shadows to prove the existence of the portal into the Boundary Cluster after his family was constantly put into insane asylums and endlessly tortured for trying to prove it before, and because of being driven to insanity because of being ironicly accused of being such, aims to do more then prove the portal's existence by unleashing ghosts, hostile spirits, demons, and even the deadly Ehaexons of the AUU First Cartoonian War times on the AUU for shunning the family (Again, the guy went crazy because of being accused of being crazy), and even kidnapping and brainwashing hundreds of other Battubirds and Spookbirds into following them as assassins called 'Nightwings', Echo went to try and stop them. Echo was able to get the spirits to close up the portal so McShadowson can't make good on his threat, but McShadowson, in a crazy bid to try and stop it, tried to do an epic punch to a spirt, but because of his target being phase-throughable, being a spirit, he ending up phasing through the spirit and ended up dooming himself in a kinda stupid way and subsiquintly got himself sucked into the Boundry Cluster to never be seen again, leaving the Court of Shadows to be disbanned without a leader and by law enforcement, and with the portal closed for good, it's likely the end of McShadowson from then on. As an act of gratitude, the two Mourag leaders allowed the victorious ghosts to visit their friends and families for a day, and Echo was heralded as a hero. Thus, he was heralded by the people of Magelio later on and invited him to join them as the Elder of Spirits.


Echo was one of many Spookibirds who lived in Morbius who lived under the rule of the Mourag leadership. But he grew up with the unigte talent of being able to see the dead with an ability called the Dead Eye, an ability he inherited from his family of spirit seers that can allow him to communicate, interact, or even control the dead. Echo's father was the planet's best seer, who came to believe that there's an unclosed portal that needs to be addressed. But when he went to the mission, he vanished, and was assumed dead from the journey. Thus, Echo, when he reached a certain age, assended to being the new seer.

Echo still wonders about the unclosed portal and one day, so he wants to see for himself. Thus, with approval of the leaders, he went on to investigate the portal claim himself with help and guidence of the spirits that wonder the lands. He reached where his father went to, and discovered that the portal area is enchambered by the infamous Court of Shadows, a dark criminal group run by the Embittered Mr. Mcshadowson of the McShadowson clan, who are victims of being mistreated as crazy because of trying to expose the portal's existence, which ironicly drove McShadowson incredabily insane. Not helping that he also plans to unleash less then benvolent spirits and demons, even the Ehaexons, onto Morbius as punishment for his family's pariah status.

Echo, while sympathiseing with McShadowson's pain, knows that what he's doing isn't right, and had the spirits go forth to close down the portal. However, in doing so, the portal makes the spirits seeable to mortals, and McShadowson saw the spirits and tried to leap up and give one of the spirits an epic punch to the face! But as logic would have it, he ended up phasing through the spirit and basicly defeated himself and sent his own butt to be banished into the Boundery Cluster, while the Court of Shadows would fall into chaos and eventuall arrest.

It was there that Echo discovered his father was brainwashed into a Nightwing assassin by the Shadows. The spirits freed his father of the control of the crumbling Court and lead to a heartful reunion. Thus, with the portal closed, Echo and father were congradulated by the Mourag leaders, Echo became a herold of the spirits, the Nightwings are freed of their slaveatude, the McShadowson clan pardoned of being insane with the portal proven real in proxy, the spirits with the closing of the portal allowing them to be seen more visably, were permitted to reunite with their families, and Echo would then be invited to study Magilo magic and be set to the path of becoming one with the Council.

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