Iophmet Xerus Polixenes
Elder Polixenes
Vital statistics
Title Elder Polixenes
Gender Male
Race/Species Common Blue-Winged Schakket (Chromvenger vulgaris azulpterus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Bold, Determined, Resourceful, Persistent, Relentless, Elderly, Infected With Genetic Imbalance Disease
Skills and Abilities Natural Bird Abilities, Flight, Genetic-Based Spells, Transformation Spells, Biological Spells
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Eol (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Cirbdter System) (Homeworld)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Iophmet X. Polixenes is an Alternate UUniversal Schakket from Planet Eol. He is a parrot-like vulture and the Grand Elder of Genomancy for the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, he is in charge of the magical laws of evolution and creation of wildlife itself. Raised on a planet on par with small bits of Technobabylon and Brave New World, Iophmet lead a confusing, if not troubled, life after his friends become addicted to genetic technology to the point where they sell it to a black market run by an anonymous and obscured genomancer crime lord of unknown origin only referred to as 'Genomancer'. But when this ends up in chaos and his friends end up in wild and unspeakable genetic situations, Iophmet confronts the Genomancer who turned out to be suffering a genetic disease that was only quelled by his elaborate life-support suit, making him ultra-powerful and discover wild untamed genomancy powers. While the Genomancer would be arrested, Iophmet mysteriously developed similar powers as he would be diagnosed with a similar genetic disease, and went to Magelio for a way to treat these untamed genomancer powers. Thus, after a journey to control these powers, he learned to do so flawlessly, control evolution and wildlife itself, and later on share the secrets of genomancy to Magelio as the Elder of Genomancy.


In his younger days, Iophmet lead a normal life with his good friends and took great consideration to each of them. He always remembered their birthdays, their hopes, dreams, fears, quirks, and analised their typical behavior patterns so he would know if they would ever act different then usual. Iophmet was always quite an observer and can reckindse a person's hapits just from observing them. This talent however, enabled him to see that something was wrong with his friends.

He saw that they were becoming distent and no longer did their same quirks and personalities as they were withdrawn socially and looked cronicly depressed or even as if they are on cold turkey of something they shouldn't've gotten involved with. He notices this on the days of a rising drug pandemic where a mysterious drug peddler was selling a drug that can alter genectic componients but yet it's not the known genetic drugs nor does it bare the commen side-effects of such drugs, making the police of his world baffled to the point that they are kept up at night coked up on coffie.

Presentations in the schools became extremely frequint in Eol, espeically the one he went to. One day, a cop that went to talk drugs in his school took a very observent look at his friends and quickly realised that they were under the drugs! His friends spontaniously freaked out and regressed to primitive animals that were quickly subdued by police and school staff! Iophmet was fearful of what became of his friends, and wanted answers. He began to reshearch the drugs, and found that they are linked to a figure infamousl named "The Geomancer", a known malmitulater of genitic potainitional and a far too mysterious criminal wanted by the Eol police, as well as in a great number of systems.

In fearing that the police can't resolve this on their own, he went vigilantie and began to hunt down any who assusiate with the genetic drugs. He hunted down the drug dealer who gave his friends the drug, which the cowerdly rat was quick to give out the info to the location of a deserted war base from a long time ago. Thus, Iophmet came to this base, and saw the discerning operation of the drug peddlers making the drug, which are designed to momentarly de-sentientise people, or even give them an evolutionary boost without risk of death, but they are still struggling other notable side-effects, like ones seen on his friends. In knowing that he can't fight the peddlers, he snuck into the building and arrived to where the Geomancer was assumed to be residing.

The Geomancer was said to be a mysterious force. But Iophmet was surprised to see what the Geomancer was. A genecticly deformed Phend who defected from the main race and wanted to make something of himself to redeem the race name. But a terrorable lab accsident caused by Phend Slayers caused an exploudsion that left him to be the mishapen monster that has to wear a speical suit to keep his body stabelised. He has since gotten his revenge on his would-be killers in very unpleasent ways and inhered a desese that enables them to control genitics. Thus, the broken creature aims to use this to improve the evolution of all creatures and beings and make them better, stronger, and more advanced! He does this by causing a drug peddling operation and use the populace as test subjects to improve apawn his creation!

Iophmet calls out Geomancer for these actions by saying that if he perfects this evolution exsellerater drug, it runs the risk of being attractive to undesireables who want to misuse it, and that people are being victimised by his actions. But when he threaten to inform the police, Geomancer did not took it kindly, and ordered his followers to kill him! Fortunately, Iophmet's analising of their movements saved him from being harmed by them as he flees, with Geomancer not being pleased!

As Iophmet arrived at the city, The Geomancer bursted from the ground and grabbed him, aiming to condemn him to his misery by being infected! But Iophmet used Geomancer's condition against him as damaged his suit, causing the mutant to panic as his deformity started to complicate him and cause him to enter a comatosed state! It's a safe bet the police will have no trouble believing in Iophmet. When they arrived and took Geomancer and eventually all asusiates to costity, Iophmet proved he had no ill will for Geomancer or where he came from, and hoped he would get better from his illness. However, he ended up discovering that he has gained Geomanacer's power from being touched and touching him back when he damaged the suit. He has defelupted the geomancy curse, and worries he would end up like Geomancer. For the safety of Eol, he self-exiled himself and left to find help. He was found by a kind soul who took him to the world of Magilo, where it would help him keep the genitic troubles in check and even allow him to do good with it. He still hopes the best for his friends, Geomancer's victims, even the tainted Phend himself to heal from their sickness, as he can turn what was Geomancer's curse into a gift onto the world.

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