Dante Iyle Pompey
Elder Pompey
Vital statistics
Title Elder Pompey, Grand Elder of Curses
Gender Male
Race/Species Oxysnake (Oxyephis pyrtoxus)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Angry At Times, Strict
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Curses and Dark Magic
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rugulach (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Froxola System) (Homeworld)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Dante Iyle Pompey is an Alternate UUniversal Oxysnake from Planet Rugulach. He is a highly-venomous snake and the Grand Elder of Curses for the Magelio Elder Council, and thus he is in charge of the ethics and/or last-resort uses of these strictly-prohibited variants of Magelio magic as they can be infectious, and can cause harm both mentally and physically. He rose up as a hero after dealing with an evil demonic being known as an Ehaexon, which are multi-form beings that are currently residing in the Boundary Cluster, which is the AUU's purgatory for the dead, as a former AUU First Cartoonian War war-like race. This Ehaexon, simply named Torment, was infamous in myth as a master of Faustian torment as he made slaves out of people by obtaining their souls or anything tangible, which is exactly what happened to Pompey's depressed sister, who sold her soul in order to save her family's life, only for them to die in a volcanic inferno, all except Dante, who was merely gifted with magic to be immune to Torment's tricks, but these powers were weakened to the point where he had lost his memories completely, thus spending many years searching for them. Thus the two battled in Torment's underworld for years fighting off curse after curse, withstanding years of torment and pain, showing no pain or weakness as it was what gave Torment strength. Eventually, after a rough and harrowing battle, Pompey finally sent Torment back to the Boundary Cluster where he belonged. After that, seeking his identity, he discovered so many clues and always showed sights of crying but couldn't remember why. With his never-ending torment, he sought enlightenment at Magelio, where despite the curse affliction being too strong for even Magelian masters to fix, they took him in, as he eventually discovered that curses gave him pain, and thus he became the Elder of Curses.


Pompey didn't nessersarly started out straightup good. He was once an extremely angry jerk who was made that way after putting up with years of snake discrimination that it came to the point that he started to curse his discriminatiors into irreverseable curses as punishment for their ilk torwords him. He became an infamous name in Rugulach that people desided it was best to give him his space! Even the athroities don't want to mess with him! But very few people realise that underneath that anger is a lonely soul who would only want even so much as one friend. He was seperated from his family at a young age where he was left behind during an evacuation event during a war.

One such person is a female auu corn snake named Rea Demption, who feels pitty for Pompey and wants to appeal to him, but Pompey proved too anti-social for this to be easy. However, a cult of Ehaexon worshippers practiced a ritual that freed the Ehaexon, Torment. Torment proved to have a fickle sense of gradatude and cursed his freers to seen an endless inception of Torment bringing ruin to the worlds, making the cultists regret their choices! Pompey quickly sensed the arrival of this force, and makes a forceful demand for everyone to get out of the city, as a cult recklessly freed Torment and now is aiming to bring ruin! This was enough to get people to head for the hills!

Demption wanted to help Pompey, but he advised against it, reckindising Torment's capability for cruelty. Thus, Demption's family were forced to make her let Pompey go it alone, reckinising the danger of what Pompey aimed to fight. Thus, Pompey confronted Torment, who mocks him for his past sins and yet aims to save the very people that mostly fear him. But Pompey kept firm and insisted that the world deserved better then the likes of Torment. Thus, an epic battle began! But in so, Torment was slowly absorbing his memories in an event he would lose, so he cannot remember actselly defeating him and how to. Even in Torment's own underworld, Pompey did not flinched. This battle waged for years, neither side backing down! The world may not have seen the battle, but it felt it as it suffered the many years of storms that reflected Pompey's battle against Torment!

In a final clash, Pompey finally casted Torment to back whence he came, shouting the usual demon revenge mantel along the way. However, victory was bitter sweet as Pompey has forgotten who he was, yet his staff ensured he hasn't forgotten magic, though he became conflicted to why he maintained this. Thus, Pompey managed to escape the underworld and back in the surface as the storms of battle began to fade. The people realised that Pompey saved the planet and possabily the entire AUU and celebrated him, including Demption! However, Pompey came back a confused individal, having no idea of what he was like. The people saw this as a new way to give Pompey a fresh new start, but Demption proved to be against dishonesty! She explained what he used to be like, shocking Pompey. In the memory depleted Pompey's mindset, he felt no better then Torment and wants to redeem his mistakes away from the people he hurted too greatly, to the people's sadness, including Demption, but not before she gave Pompey a final good bye hug. His redemption story earned him great sympathy from the magilo council, leading to him to be invited to the world and became one with the Council as their head of curses.

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