Quilliam Cerl Skelton
Elder Skelton
Vital statistics
Title Elder Skelton, Elder of Necromancy
Gender Male
Race/Species Quillis' Teagul (Avinepitonus quillicuis)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Easily Sensitive Yet Strong, Bold, and Noble
Skills and Abilities Natural Aquatic Bird Abilities, Semi-Aquatic, Strong Knowledge Of Necromancy Magic
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Icicis, Nisor XV (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Hyderi System) (Hometown)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Quilliam C. Skelton is an Alternate UUniversal Teagul from the Moon Nisor XV. He is an elephant-seal-like penguin and is the Grand Elder of Necromancy for the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, he is in charge of the magic of the deceased and undead. Since his father was an alchemist who was searching for his wife who was apparently cursed into an unknown ice purgatory for tampering with sacred relics for profit, and thus he was searching for her for eons, and to this day he has done nothing but fail to free her because she was sentenced to never return for the crime of desecration, and that he was just going to have to accept it. After going through the 5 stages of grief in a criminal way that disrupted his home land, he ends up killing himself, and his son was left alone ever since, and thus purged himself of his own grief by using his necromancy powers for a better purpose by going to Magelio for enlightenment. Thus, he would later become a member of it's Council.


Skelton wasn't known for a glamerious life. Having a necromancer father and a far from honest treasure hunter mother, Skelton would find himself in the epicenter of familial woe. One day, his mother made the mistake of messing with ice-powered relics and had intent to sell them for profit to appease a local Grutt Black Marketeer named Diabetus The Burrowed Timer, who at the time was on his final legs (so to speak) due to a serious Grutt condition that tends to be fatal known as Gruttabeties. However, in doing so, she ended up ticking off an ice guardian who placed a curse on her to be in ice pugatory, resulting in her fate.

While his father avenged her with the Ice Guardian's destruction, he was left in bittersweetness in discovering that the curse was something only the now destroyed guardian could ever reverse. As such, his father would toil himself in aiming to bring her back without the Guardian's magic. All the while, he was haunted by the Guardian's words that the curse is because she was punished for desicration and that she is not to return, which in thanks to destroying the only one with any power to do otherwise, it may as well be indeffently. After many failed attempts, the father lost his determination and relucently gives up on trying to bring back his love, helping little that Diabetus proved to be a very un-benvolent employer and choose to not support the Skeltons in because of "No longer being useful". Thus, Skelton's father ending up going through an extreme case of the 5 stages of grief. The first one was denial that he ever forsaken the attempt and that Diabetus left his family to rot. The next is anger and that Skelton threaten to destroy the already on the path to death Grutt, but stopped himself from even starting in remembering Diabetus' well equiped bodyguards and black marketeer forces and that it'll be sueisideal. Then came the bargining stage in that he tried to bring back the Guardian as a reniment slave and have him bring back his beloved. Then came the sadness stage in an intense degree in that in sadness controled rage, he nearly caused a zombie apocailyse by creating an undead army from a local cematery and lead an assult to the cities.

Skelton was forced to stop his own father before it went too far, and after an intense arguement, he gotten his father into the final stage, acceptence, in where he realised that after what happened, he would likely be sentenced to death for nearly causing undead doomsday, so he desided to save the athurities the trouble and "Exicute himself", and commited sueiside by ordering the undead to devour him in front of his son. The trumatised young Skelton was saved by responding forces who proceeded to finish off the now leaderless undead with relative ease.

In sadness, Skelton wanted to avoid going down the path of his father by vowing to use Necromancy for good, but figuring it would likely suffer a permaban in his home moon, he self-exiled himself to seek a new life. He then came to be adopted by a sympathic magilo user and thus came into Magilo, and became one with the council in his coming of age.

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