Sundew Canopy
Vital statistics
Title Elder Sundew
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Quinkan
Faction Independent Greedy Overlord
Description Greedy, Monologues Too Much, Heavy Australian Accent
Skills and Abilities Magical Abilities, Cunning Intelligence
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Dreamingstone, Quinkana (Homeland)
  • Quinkan Outback (Current Residence)
Alignment Greedy Evil

Elder Sundew Canopy is an Equestrian Quinkan from the land of Quinka, referred to simply as the Down Under Lands. He was the former grand vizier of his brother Elder Eucalyptus, the leader of his people, until the day he betrayed him. On the day of his daughter Waratah's birth, Sundew found the sacred Spirit Finger Hoodoos, the homeland of the first Totemic, or a Quinkan that can use the magic of the Dreaming without the need of a relic like a wand or opal necklace via enlightenment. However, that did not make every Totemic pure of heart as some have went rogue. After experiencing a vision after seeing the first Totemic's Totem Pole, his mind was changed forever. He grew mad with power and saw that the Dreaming could be used for much greater life-giving uses. But his views were very malicious. Thus, for treason, his brother banished him from Dreamingstone for life. He swore revenge and fled to the Quinkan Outback, where he accidentally became a Totemic himself in extreme pain, allowing him to take down a Yowie with a single punch. He has since been plotting to take all the magic from the Dreaming, unaware that the Spirit Finger Hoodoos were created from a similar scenario as a warning that doing so saps life from Quinka, thus risking it's collapse and extinction.

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