Iachima Mervy Xextechus
Elder Xextechus
Vital statistics
Title Elder Xextechus, Elder of Technomancy
Gender Male
Race/Species Kongin (Megosimia krong)
Faction Magelio Elder Council
Description Elderly, Cybernetic Magic-Powered Right Arm, Bold, Resourceful, Noble, Strong-Willed
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Abilities, Magic-Powered Arm Grants Enhanced Abilities, Combat Wand
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Trickscape, Verus (Beta Universe, Groid Sector, Larginion System) (Hometown)
  • Illuss City, Magelio (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Flargon System) (Current Council Residence)
Alignment Good

Elder Iachima M. Xextechus is an Alternate UUniversal Kongin from Planet Verus. He is a giant primate and the Grand Elder of Technomancy for the Magelio Elder Council, and as such, he is in charge of the magic of technology, the matrix, intelligence, the achieved, and everything that can easily match magic in capability. Once being a celeberty magician for an entire audience over introdusing Tecnomanacy to a world of devidion between traditional magic and science, until people started to ask to do impossible things the tecnomancy he had at the time couldn't do, including curing a crippled patient and many others, but because he couldn't do so, he was declared a has-been. Later, he discovered Magelian magic, and used it to further augment his shows until even the magic had limits including the inability to bring back dead pets, and he was further shunned. Later on, he was discharged from service to a healer guild and decided to leave Verus to study with Magelians, who despite admonishing him for using their magic for personal gain, decide to fulfill his wishes of doing something better with his life then just being a show boater and to not attempt to correct a world's current view. And initionally, he did. Though apawn discovering quantum energy, an energy that the AUU Gods utilized for it's reality-warping capabilities, he proved to his home that magic and science can often be the same thing and exist in harmony. As a result, he was finally respected by his people, and this achievement makes him a herald to both Verus and Magelio, thus earning him a role in the Elder Council years later. Thus he introduced the widely-popular magical art of technomancy, which could blend technology and magic flawlessly.


Iachima grew up in a world where they lived by the laws of plausability and had very strong beliefs that magic and science were better off seperated because science is more grounded in realisum while magic is perpetuated in fantasy. As such, magic users and science rarely coinsided, and vise versea, cause that was how it always went. Then came Iachima, who was more then idealistic.

He discovered a forgotten force of magic called "Technomancy", a kind of magic that works with science, a combination of fanasty and reality, and was something that can do the impossable while being still realistic. However, at first, this discovery earned controversey. The magic side felt that it would conflict with the possabilities magic can do, not to mention the probability that it's limited to what the tec teadr level is, fearing it could be rendered useless in primitive or non-futuristic worlds, and the science side were merely skeptical of the idea of magical science in general. But when Iachima deminstraighted the magic's realness by giving himself his soon to be iconic cybernettic shoulder, he became a smash sensation and aided folks in problems. But like any sensation, his steam started to ran out when he couldn't help more serious cases, like a crippled patient, a blind person, someone with diabeties, and a child with a brain tumor. Thus, the people became disappointed that Tecnomancy wasn't powerful enough to do everything and Iachima ended up being a has-been and has since no longer been taken seriously by neither magic nor science. Thus, the world remains to it's devided ways.

Iachima, not wanting to be left in the sea of irreliventcy, desided to be ballsy and included magilo study to Technomancy and started to use it to top those impossable things, he cured the crippled patient of his walkless life, got a blind person to see again, cured diabetites and cancer. As such, Iachima became a sensation again. However, his Magilo teacher, Master Xold, quickly caught wind of Iachima's popularity insurgence and figured he would do this, so in aiming to keep Iachima from going from sensation to religeusly followed leader which would risk inviting more trouble then it should, he desided to teach Iachima a hard lession by taking advantage of the limited magilo camability he knew and cohersed people with even MORE impossable problems to see him, including a little girl that wanted Iachima to bring back a dead pet. This cornered Iachima into a wall and back into Has-Beentry, only with the people even MORE disappointed then already, to the point that the healer guild he came to work for reliefed him of service due to controversey. In knowing that Xold only did this to serve a firm lession, he desided that he needed to move away from fame and fortune and desided to take Magilo more seriously. He did this by going to the Magilo home world, which he didn't get a warm reception because of how aware of his false messiah status they were. But since Iachima otherwise never hurted anyone in a gravely serious mannor, they desided to let him continue magilo studies, but under the grounds he leaves his asperations to try and force change into Verus, for change comes to those who wait then those who want to force things. Thus, in doing so, Iachima was given greater training.

However, by complete accsident while doing a learning exsodus, he wondered into a pirate camp where a gang of pirates have managed to gain Quanton engery, and the captain, Mon Capitan Mon Sha-Re, plotted to use the engery to make himself the most powerful space pirate ever and use it to congure all pirate planets and criminal communities to make himself a surprime power. Iachima, having none of that, used his Tecnomancy against Sha-Re's cyberconnectics and processed him to stun his own crew and force him into sleep mode. In leaving Sha-Re to be dealt with by the athorities, given that the qouanton engery tecnecally had no real owner, he desided to claim it. He discovered that the engery can be able to empower his tecnomancy to a greatest potainional, and in using it, he returned to Verus and finally cleared the last obsicles to Verus' doubts. In so, Verus became a Tecnomancy planet, and thus magic and science became one. He was offered a position of leadership, but to everyone's surprise, he refused it. He stated that he wishes not to be put in a high pedistal and run the risk of being a disappointment once again, espeically that he disobeyed a promise to not try to change Verus. Thus, he proceeded to leave solumly, knowing that it's likely his magilo will be reversed, knowing it's only a matter of time before Magilo Actalites are sent to seek him out. However, Xold spoke on Iachima's behalf and told them on how he saved the qouantom engery from being misused by a power-hungry space pirate and refused to indulge on being an idol. Thus, the council were impressed with that he did lived up to the promise of changing his life, but in a unigte twist. Thus, the Magilo Users and the leader of Verus gave him the title of herold of both worlds, and eventually earn a place with the council.

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