Electross Ravalum
Electross the Reviver.png
Vital statistics
Title Electross the Reviver
Gender Male
Race/Species Cragmite
Faction Otherworldly Studies Teacher of the School of Friendship
Description Often Frustrated, Cybernetic Body, Bitter at Times, Calm and Gentlemanly, Surprisingly Good-Natured Personality For A Cragmite
Skills and Abilities Cragmite Abilities, Cybernetic Abilities, Marksmanship, Scientific and Engineering Intelligence
Status Alive
Location Reepor (Home Planet)


  • Badlands (Crash Residence)
  • Hayfield 64 (Initional Residence)
  • School of Friendship (Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Electross Ravalum the Reviver is a Cragmite from Ratchet and Clank's world. He was once a fighter during the Great War between the Cragmites and the Lombaxes, but he had a more pacifistic view of the war, and wanted to make peace with the Lombaxes. But when he openly refused to destroy a Lombax colony, he was accused of treason and 'redemption to the enemy', which is viewed as a sign of weakness to the Cragmites. As punishment, the Cragmites not only exiled Electross, but they turned Electross into a cybernetic abomination for 'using his heart and body wrong'. Like Ratchet, he is considered an endling since his race got banished to another dimension by the Lombaxes, and while he was technically immortal thanks to his cyborg body, he lived for eons following the Great War, and watched how a surviving member of his race chased the Lombaxes off to another dimension before he had the chance to offer a way to peace. He had since been reduced to being alone, yet decided to develop a remarkable talent in mechanics and can repair and 'revive' any machine, giving him the nickname 'Electross the Reviver', accepting this as redemption for himself to have. But while disliked for his actions by his own race, he couldn't bare with them trapped in another dimension for their wickedness and cruelty, and wants to find a way to redeem them and their mistakes. He would seek out a powerful Jewel of Souls because of it's unimaginable power over the souls of any living or non-living creature hidden in the Tartarus of Equestria, and he won't stop until his dreams are realized, as well has his newfound dreams of bringing back the Lombaxes as well and bring forth a new era of peace with a Lombax/Cragmite alliance. He is too caught up in his misguided and almost-noble dreams, he fails to consider why the Jewel of Souls is locked away in Tartarus in a temple to begin with may have been because it's powers could be unspeakably devastating and uncontrollable, and he would really end up causing an unfixable disaster in his misguided haste to make his home, and maybe even the UUniverses, a better place. So far, the only thing he needs is someone brave enough to survive the challenges of Tartarus and someone with a noble perspective like him, and he might get it from his personal idols, Ratchet and Clank. He has strong valuement of all the machines he revives, but his strongest belongs to a Qui Drone named Trisha V19 and a hornet named Bradly K89, who treats like they were actselly his children, and he has a Nefarious Trooper he treats like his brother named Darwin KL0. Eventually, Electross would be inspired to realise that his quest doesn't need extremes after being told that the Jewel of Souls was too dangerious, eventually leading him and the machines to take up residence in Hayfield 64, and eventually becoming the teacher of Otherworldly socities in the School of Friendship.


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