The Elephant Graveyard

The Elephant Graveyard is a section of the Outlands of the Pride Lands where Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, and the other unnamed hyenas resided after the The Pure Hyenas were all destroyed. After Scar's defeat, the Hyenas left it after being reformed and being a part of the Shell Lodgers. During the events of SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King II, the Hyenas were renouncing their shelter there while their comrades were on a busy adventure, and now that the other hyenas ceased to be hated, this place is now what it's called: a graveyard. Interestingly some of the skulls, like the one that the Hyenas lived in, looked more like mammoths or mastodons than elephants. The graveyard is now completely abandoned, and left in the hands of forgotten hyenas or other predators, and even serves as a banishment site for hyenas who have committed crimes in their new kingdom. It also has an unnamed cavern filled with green geysers, and a few lava geysers which hyenas, especially Shenzi's group, used to torture animals like Zazu. Food is scarce here just like the rest of the Outlands, only being filled with termites and bones.
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