Elfwork Schweinhunder
Vital statistics
Title Elfworker, Gargoyle Medic (Non-Equestrian Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Gargoyle
Faction King George's Kingdom
Description Insane, German Accent, Psychotic, Diminutive Wings
Skills and Abilities Natural Gargoyle Abilities, Crossbow and Bonesaw, Levitation and Healing Magic
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Badlands (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Elfwork Schweinhunder is the weirdo the gargoyles because he was borned with small wings. He was born with a birth defect, and everyone thought he was destined for life of being a shameful ground gargoyle as his wings were far too small to allow lift. That is, he unexpectingly learned powerful levatating magic, earning a huge amount of respect and admirition of fellow winged gargoyles. He began to learned other kinds of magic, even healing magic. It made him very helpful in the Pony-Gargoyle War, but only for so far, Gargoyles don't normally easily learn magic like Elfwork, so Gargoyles like him were in short supply. His family was lost during a batlle before the gargoyles officially lost the war, and as a result, Elfwork began to think negatively about ponies. He became a favorite to King George because of his aid in the war, and Man-Vulture, who sees him as an intellectual equil aside from Tecmeck. Elfwork's hatred of ponies eventally mostly died out when no progress was made, and only wants to go as far as to only just make them leave Equestria so they can have their Gargoyle lands back. He's sometimes the doubter of the team, and isn't sure if Gargoyles should stay enemies to ponies and continue to be what they are clearly not.


Coming soon...


  • "Oh... That looks promising.... Now, let's go practice medicine."
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