Elisean Phoebes is an Alternate UUniversal Titanoid from Planet Sigrus. She is a beautiful, but very no-nonsense and snarky female that, through Grom-Moroious, a remaining still-sentient Sigrozoan, has learned about Greybeardo's crimes. She has since intentionally failed her rite-of-passage to let everyone assume she was dead and stayed to protect Grom from another rite-of-passage-bound warrior or failure desperate to re-earn approval. While she looks cute, an athletic, gymnastic and acrobatic prowess, poisoned claws and a mastery of a double-edged spear makes her far from an easy target and certainly no damsel. Though she inevitably earns the heart of Greybeardo's son Kilttron despite hating him for being his son. The two start off having fights until they soon grow to fall in love.
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