Elmen Neckawitz
Vital statistics
Title AUU Melman (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Plainslands tiliton (Tilitonipha plainsii)
Faction Clam Lounge Squadron
Description Medically Dependent, Paranoid, Hypochondriac, Infinite Germophobias
Skills and Abilities Nature Animal Abilities, Crazy Mad Upon Withdrawal
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
Alignment Good
Elmen Neckawitz is an Alternate UUniversal Tiliton from Planet Jespillionict. He is a large long-necked rhino who was born in captivity and in the same traveling zoo from Jespillionict and as a result of a bad and traumatizing withdrawal at a young age, he is a hypochondriac obsessed with having good medical care, and despite that, he goes forward and ends up fighting away all withdrawals with the Clam Lounge Squadron as he tried the most to fight it off before in order to quit all the drugs so he can admit his crush on Glora, and as gratitude for helping fight off his addiction, he joins the Clam Loungers. He is the AUU version of Melman.


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