Arbyen Vu Niao
Emperor Arbyen Vu Niao
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Niao
Gender Male
Race/Species Sabochan
Faction Emperor of the Sabochan Race
Description Passionate, Charismatic, Wise, Natural Dog Instinct
Skills and Abilities Natural Canine Abilities, Royal Spear
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Szárunti, Sabochalla (Epsilon Universe, Essephemer Sector, Glamri System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Emperor Arbyen Vu Niao is an Alternate UUniversal Sabochan from Planet Sabochalla. He is the current and 60th Emperor of the Sabochan Empire. He was formerly a chancellor until he was elected for his charisma, wisdom, and his promise of economic improvement. His race is known to have developed technology through intertribal welfare, including trading of custom weapons, food, water, medicine, wealth, and even technology. While Arbyen's race doesn't serve that much in military, they mainly work for trading routes for the AUU Currency Troupe. Like most of his race, he has a very social and emotional edge, but given his position, he can't be fooled like that so easily. He has a wife named Zorle Vu Niao who takes her husband's old place as chancellor.


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