Cygron Emble Sorgalla
Emperor Cygron 2.O
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Cygron
Gender Male
Race/Species Dragmite
Faction Emperor of the Dragmite
Description Greedy, Sacrificial, Aggressive, Unreasonable, Cybernetically Disfigured, Ominous
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Cybernetic Abilities, Gun Spear
Status Alive
Location Dragma
Alignment Evil

Emperor Cygron E. Sorgalla is an Emperor Dragmite from Dragma who was born as a Mercenary Dragmite until he was chosen to be the next Emperor after his father and mother. He chose a female Mercenary Dragmite named Cengrus to be his new Empress. The two obtained their leaders' Emperor and Empress elixirs and became the new leaders in 1978. Cygron was dreaming of making sure that his people were safe from danger, and he wanted to expand his empire by colonizing other worlds. But upon bringing it up to the Dragmites' oracle, Chazona, she foretold that if they grew far too intelligent, they would be destroyed by an alien race that viewed their growing intelligence as a threat. However, Cygron ended actselly questioning Chazona's predicting by saying "no future is set in stone!", and has since sought out to keep his race as obscured as possable until they're much more powerfuler then this would-be threat. Since then, Cygron started becoming over-protective over his people, even after being told that the future was unavoidable. Despite his best efforts, a Galactic Federation soldier named Vrank explains the UUniverses and Cygron rudely banished him to prevent the future from coming true. However, Chazona ended up predicting that the previously "unpreventable ineditable future" was ironicly pretty stoppable, meaning Cygron was tecnecally right, but he ended up ironicly making himself wrong by banishing their only hope: Vrank, who could've been a way to join the Galactic Federation and get protaction! But thanks to Chazona's stupidly late prediction and Cygron's stupidity, the infamous Grox came and, due to thinking that their intelligence would make them an asset to the GFeds that they have been having trouble with as it is, they needed to destroy them. Cygron was wounded and disfigured while trying to stop the invasion, and his body was retrieved by Cengrus, and they, along with 9,531 survivors, were able to avoid the eradication of their civilizations. While being repaired with cybernetics, and his face was covered by a cybernetic mask, he was furious and intends to destroy the Grox for their actions, and goes as far as declaring that any visitors were their property, throws the visitors into underground sanctuaries, and steal their technology. This was even done to Vrank. Chazona foretells that he would be defeated by misfit animals in a fiery comet, but he refuses to believe her espeically in light of her late prediction that tecnecally made Cygron right and viewed Chazona as "faulty" for having a prediction that came just abit too late, even when the previous unavoidable but really actselly avoidable bad future was purely his fault for being a dumb doughebag, and goes as far as to execute any prisoners who escape the sanctuaries. The Dragmites are at least sharing concern for the prisoners. This goes on for 20 years, and Cygron still tries to prevent the future where he is defeated. He even went one step beyond by replacing the initional form of his first operation, even the body parts he was lucky to keep , even two of his wings and his naterol anntenas that miraculiously survived the onslaught, in faver of improving himself.


Emperor Cygron

Early Emperor Cygron Sorgalla

Emperor Cygron Suprime

Cygron's final assention to cyborgic overlordisum. (Appearence for the next Dragmite Episode.)

Coming soon...


  • "When you look at this face, you WILL question your beliefs in gods!"

Producer's Notes.

Reasons for change.

I felt that the original Emperor Cygon designed had the following flaws in the conception.

  1. I always felt that his "MASK" couldn't be able to offer all sorts of expressions a would-be embittering tyrant would have, so I inserted a robotic head capable of all sorts of emotions.
  2. I felt that he shouldn't limit himself to the initional body of his revival. If Cygron wants to get revenge on the Grox, you think he should go out of his way to continiously upgrade himself and become stronger and stronger. It wouldn't make sense for him to stay an intional form, espeically with the logic of them stealing other race's tec. I would figure he would take just as much advantage for himself, as suppose to just making his race stronger alone.
  3. He should desire to give himself highly attuned senses when going after foes and escapees. He should feel that naterol biology has failed him and thus aim to make himself stronger in those areas.
  4. The original design looks more like a generic cyborg bug guard then a proper cyborg tyrant. So I went abit further on giving him a weapon that actselly looks like an overlord's weapon.
  5. I gave him holografic wings to replace fragle and easy to wreck wings and I added radio anntennas capable to detect tecnological frigegentcies so he doesn't always have to spefificly relie on the orcile in ever a case the two are at odds.
  6. I merely figured it would look cooler.

Now, don't worry, we're keeping the old design, but as a past self. There's also a future appearence for a future episode.

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