Kurai Demya Kyōimotama
Emperor Dark
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Dark
Gender Male
Race/Species Lich (Formerly Human)
Faction Leader of D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S.
Description Greedy, Power-Hungry, Rough, Many Times Awkward, Ominous, Sadistic
Skills and Abilities Powerful Magic, Undead Physiology
Status Alive
Location Chrysanthemum
Alignment Evil

Emperor Kurai D. Kyōimotama, AKA Emperor Dark, is a Necromorphic anime being from the anime world known as Chrysanthemum. He is an infamous overlord who is what remains of a violent overlord bent on genocide of those more powerful than him, and died trying to destroy it. He now rules the dark global organization known as D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S. (Dark Anime Regime Kingdom out to Neutralize Enemies of the Supernatural and Strong). He is powerful overlord with a dark ego, a sadistic edge to match Freeza, The Horned King, and any narly big bad anime villain you can imagine, as he worshipped the Darkspawn that waged war on Chrysanthemum during the AUU First Cartoonian Wars and knows of otherworldly existence and many of it's complex secrets. He has an entire army of mainly Titans that are on par with those of Attack of Titan, and are even the same as them for that matter yet are of Chrysanthemum origin, as they consume any being for pleasure and stand several stories high, among other forms of henchmen, and he seeks something far darker, and because this can only be opened by someone of pure evil, which he clearly wasn't, he needed to be such to open it, seeking it through the Unicorn Balls (Chrysanthemum Dragon Balls), which are currently guarded by the world's main guardian in the form of a Sailor Moon/Erza Scarlet/Other Anime Female Protagonist heroine named Keiji Yackamora, who despite being as quirky and cheesy as any less-serious anime character, has a heart of pure gold and the potential to be the greatest hero of all time as her unknown mother, Garuhiro, previously fought off Dark for centuries. Dark seeks out this girl as she is secretly and unknowingly guarded by the elders of her mother's heritage as she holds the secret to their location in her heart. This threat he seeks is of Darkspawn origin and is powerful enough to be unstoppable to anyone except the good side of the First Cartoonian Wars. With these forces under his control, he will rule Chrysanthemum and the Anme Universe beyond, conquering each anime world one-by-one. He stands several feet tall, and is powerful enough for anyone and everyone to be intimidated by him, he looks like Ainz Ooal Gown of Overlord, only more frightening and creative, as he even has a voice on par with Jack Nicholson.


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