Emperor Jerky
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Jerky
Gender Male
Race/Species Ichthyornis dispar
Faction Tyrannical Ex-Ruler of Ichthyos
Description Power-Hungry, Easily Frustrated, Dramatic, Family Tragedy Bitterness
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities
Status Exiled to The Great Valley, Then Included Into Professor Eagle Beak's Troupe
Location Ichthyos (Homeworld)
Alignment Greedy and Broken Evil

Emperor Jerky is an Ichthyornis from Planet Ichthyos. He is the former tyrannical ruler of the Ichthyosian Empire, former weilder of a magical powerful spector capable of many great things, while having it in his procession, had casted a spell on the sentient animal settlers to make them mute and primitive as punishment for an accident. Since his parents died of a sickness that he wasn't able to use the specter properly to heal them cause of panicking, he became a ruthless leader who often treated people badly. Though he does get into conflict with his sister, Pretty, he was intending to use the specter to make all Ichthyornis birds immortal so no loved ones would be lost again. But he ended up being banished to the Great Valley as punishment for his actions. He has yet to return.


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