Emperor Marlin Paw

Emperor Marlin Rires Pawsey

Emperor Marlin R. Pawsey, nicknamed Marlin Paw, was an Alternate UUniversal Cunone from Planet Cunoone. He was the 17th ruler of the Cunone Empire before Emperor Trode RuMorax, and was known to be controversial and incompetent during his rule. While not a tyrant, and a well-meaning guy, he was making bad trades and questionable decisions that harmed Cunoone's economy. Suffering the most of this was the families of both RuMorax and Count Pusar Pussix. At the time, RuMorax was having trouble since the failing economy left him to become an AUU independent bounty hunter who tried to turn in criminals and get the money to support his family and their business. It wasn't until the Pussix family leader, Zogan Pussix, convinced RuMorax to band together their families to get the incompetent Emperor out. Zogan decided that, in order for that to happen, he and RuMorax needed to trick a race of insectoid beings who are suffering under a warmonger's regine called the Veexomites into wanting to attack the Cunones. And through anonymously messaging the Veexomites about their world, it worked and the Veexomite War started as the Veexomites saw the Cunones' incompetent government very ripe for the taking. Thus, RuMorax and Zogan both independently fought in the war as new friends. The Veexomites eventually went to extinction thanks to the aid of other races that would soon make the USRA with the Cunones, and both Zogan and RuMorax's families were never discovered. RuMorax, because of his higher experience in politics, was made the next Emperor, and Zogan was made the Count. As for Marlin, following his resignation, he was made an outcast and worked in a minor position in the Cunone Praetorium where he would continue until his death. He also had a son named Prince Honnus Paw who was originally the heir until a tragedy and war left him to run off a renegade explorer.


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