Emperor Orlanthus A

Emperor Orlat'uss 'Orlanthus' (Kratosian Guise)

Emperor Orlat'uss 'Orlanthus' is a fictional interdimensional energy being published on Kratos' Generation Comics. He is a Gorsgothan emperor who leads the Orlianna Empire that takes up a portion of the Planet Gorsgan. His wisdom lead to his empire growing bigger than most empires. But the one who didn't like the way things were there was his brother, Corlust the Disintegrator of the Corlann Empire, who's greed and lust for power made his empire shrink. So he declares war out of jealousy, and frames his brother for the murder of 3 couples who raised children that Corlust banished because of being fortold that he would be defeated if they stood up to him. The empire was taken down, and Orlanthus rounds up a resistance to fight against the Corlann Empire to get his throne back. Once the kids grow up to become The Enigmas, they help him defeat the Corlann Empire, lock up the ancient Cortex the Abomination that Corlust used as a means to get rid of the Enigmas, and Orlanthus gets his throne back, claiming his original lands and giving the land that he stole back to those who deserve it. Since then, Orlanthus was a world hero, as well as the Enigmas. But he has to constantly fight against Corlust multiple times, either to protect his daughter, Xenmoa, and put up with Corlust's new team, The Followers of Qo'doo. He still fights them to this day. Orlanthus is an honorable and wise leader, and the days where the Enigmas help fight with the Resistance was nearly crippling since the Enigmas have heard of the planet's accusations of him killing their parents, and a few other facts that make them question their place in the Resistance. Regardless, Xenmoa guides them to the right path, and when the Corlann Empire falls, she and the leader of the Enigmas, Garth Alkaline, become a couple, eventually leading to them getting married after earning Orlanthus' blessings, and in one issue, he has to protect her from an attack when she's close to going into labor. On Kratos, he takes the form of a Superior lion. Being an energy being, he can manipulate various forms of energy, turn into a gas, shapeshift into several energetic forms, he can possess other Superiors and not other Gorsgothans, and he is a telepath.


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Emperor Orlanthus B

Emperor Orlanthus Gorsgothan Form

As an energy being, Orlanthus has the ability to manipulate various forms of energy. He can also shapeshift into several energetic forms, but doing so on Kratos means it must be limited to prevent Orlanthus from molecularly disintegrating. He can even turn into a gas, but doing it on Kratos requires only 10 seconds of gaseous form. He is also able to possess Superiors, but not other Gorsgothans, but he can only do this for only 5 hours or the Superior will die when his molecular body heats up the Superior's body too much. He is also a telepath who can reach into someone's brain to read their minds, but he must do so carefully because he can only do so by turning his arm into a gaseous form to ghost into the head, and aside from having only 10 seconds to do so, he must also keep the brain from overheating.

Aside from his Gorsgothan powers, he wields a staff with a nanorobotic tip made from liquid metal and it can be morphed into various forms, such as a blade, a cane, a mace, an axe, or a hammer. This gives Orlanthus a great advantage in combat.

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