Ju Wu Breakmelt, AKA Emperor of Matter, is a Superior Chinese water dragon from Kratos. He was a powerful matter manipulating Superior who is the leader of a rival clan of Creatana's clan before they became toy makers. With her own family changing as well, Ju refused to do so and abandoned his own family for 'dishonoring tradition' and swore to continue their goal of finding the Makerswelds' secret to master matter. But what made it worse for him was that Creatana and his son, Hu Breakmelt, are a couple. With everyone against him, he desires to be rid of her and prevent his clan from making peace with the Makersweld clan and to not lose sight of their 'true' goal with the secrets of the clan, as his pride refuses to allow just marrying the two clans to get the secret, and even almost breaks up the two by making Hu look like he only loved Creatana for the secret, making him a sociopathic archenemy of Creatana.

  • MCode: Mam.


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