Empress Imaka Jirax

Empress Imakarindam 'Imaka' Ao Jirax

Empress Imakarindam 'Imaka' Ao Jirax is an Alternate UUniversal Xuron from Planet Xuronosis. She is the current and 76th leader of the Xuron Empire. She, as well as her race, wasn't affected that much by the departure of the humans because their customs and traditions say that emotion is a sign of self-corruption and/or capable to make mistakes. She takes the throne in an election after being the royal vizier of the last emperor. Upon becoming Empress, she helps the Gamma Federation with economics, because they have developed a complex digital currency system, and military powers for their amazing energy weaponry and hyper-cloning technology. She knows a few skills in self-defense, and naturally knows how to use any known firearm. Xurons have been serving in several rebellions, including the Nimboo Rebellion, and their weaponry had played a big role in helping the Nimboo Rebellion hold off the Villains Act.


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