Empress Jarcooa

Empress Jarcooa B. Sisge is a Narcoonian Empress and inventor of the Mark. 20 Intensifier Cannon far back into her youth and a member of the Galactic Federation. In her younger days, Jarcooa was a weapons designer and Grand-daughter of a famed soldier. But when a hypocritically named terror group lead by Carmoan the Unfallable exicuted her grandfather for successfully thwarting a terror plan, that inspired her to create the Intensifer Cannon. She came to confront Carmoan just as he successfully killed off the previous rulers, and showed the Intensifier. Met with only with sexist doubt and mockery, she quickly defeated and slain Carmoan's best warrior. Then when all of Carmoan's forces charged, she leaped in the air, fired enough rounds to defeat and annialate all of the members, then actrobaticly backwords flipped down to the ground and nailed the landing! This drove Carmoan to retreat like a true cowerd and she shot down his escape shp with him still on it! The Narcoonians made her Empress, and her weapon was copied and mass produced, and it lead to the end of Narcoona's age of terror. She became a member of the Galactic Federation after they became impressed by the weapon and wanted to have their own Intensifers so outside terror groups will suffer the same fate. And it was a powerful success. Virtually many Terror groups but powerful enough ones like The Maraxus Grip were destroyed, but it was enough to even make those groups quiver in fear of the weapon's name. However, when the destruction of one group lead to the death of the group's leader, a brother of Sourball, that would prove to be the fatal choice that would ruin the cannon's legacy. Sourball convinced the same groups and violent usurpers to use the same cannons as a means of terrorisum and in so, destroy it's own legacy. It allowed Sourball to illegalised the weapon, and to add insult to injury, made it a punishable offence by death, which is not even a real penality to even weapons FAR more powerful then the Intensifier Cannon. Jarcooa knows serious bullshit is at play and is advocating for Sourball's impeachment and for legalising the Cannon under reasonable conditions to avoid the mysterious tragities from repeating, but at the price she and her people ended up looking insensitive to the tragities of the races harmed by the weapons. This even placed her at odds with her friend The Grand Council Woman and is at risk of being impeached as a member and an empress.
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