End of the World KH

The End of the World

The End of the World is a byproduct of all Heartless's destructive nature. It is one of the many darkest worlds in the UUniverses, and is forbidden by the High Council. It is the resting place of all Heartless and dark creatures. Upon taking a world's heart, a tiny fragment of what is left of that world is sent drifting through the void of space until it eventually meets and merges with End of the World. It is basically the Heartless of a destroyed world, as well as the location of Kingdom Hearts. In nature, it can be seen as the opposite of The World That Never Was, which is a similar artificial Nobody world without its own heart. A small fraction of this world, the Dark Wastelands, is where many mortal and Non-Darkspawn villains are banished to for committing the worst crimes imaginable. Kingdom Hearts legends say that the End of the World will be the location of the speculated Third Cartoonian War. Even the Shell Lodgers would not prefer to set foot in this world for the dark vibe it contains. All they do is help protect the hearts of the worlds they know from being joined with this unholy place.
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